This Starbucks Barista's Creation Was Called 'Battery Acid In A Cup'

Just when you start to think the internet may finally be warming up to the idea of adding coffee to a Starbucks lemonade (or maybe not), an adventurous drinker throws a curveball with yet another divisive drink. Reddit has been sent into a frenzy over a certain Kiwi Starfruit Refresher from Starbucks, except this time, the person in question decided to add a shot of affogato-style espresso to the drink. While this concoction may be "mid-day happiness" for the proud owner of the beverage, Reddit is not having it. "Mid day medieval torture," one user thinks is a more apt term for the concoction.

"I almost threw up when I drank nitro cold brew with lemonade. This seems next level," one Redditor shares, while others jokingly suggest that the drink makes them want to throw up and is the stuff of nightmares. Funnier yet, someone calls the drink "battery acid in a cup" and wonders, "did the plastic start decaying after you took this pic, OP?" 

While the user isn't alone in finding that the green and brown-colored liquid looks like battery acid, this is hardly the first time such comparisons have been made to a Starbucks drink. In fact, it seems like Redditors aren't a fan of Kiwi Refreshers in the first place, let alone one with added coffee in it.

Reddit users say no to the Starbucks Kiwi Starfruit Refresher

On a separate thread, Redditors discuss all the reasons why Starbucks' Kiwi Starfruit Refreshers should be banned. "Reason number 2: tastes like straight up battery acid," says one user. One even said "As someone who accidentally ingested battery acid when I was a kid, I can confirm that this is accurate."

Some Redditors also recollect the time when Starbucks allegedly delayed the rollout of its kiwi starfruit refreshers at trial stores, claiming that they did so because the first few batches tasted like "melted jolly ranchers, [and] disgustingly sweet."

Safe to say, this refresher has long divided Starbucks fans so when the adventurous barista added a shot of espresso to the already controversial drink, the responses were even more brutal and hilarious: "Everyone: I'm telling you there's no way to make the kiwi star fruit refresher worse...Takimara: Challenge accepted," jokes a Redditor. Although the barista seems to have made an already "bad" drink even worse, Reddit is applauding them for one thing: Having the nerve to order such a "vile" drink in person, even if they happen to be a barista.