Reddit Has A Hilarious Response To Starbucks' Cold Brew Lemonade

If you've been drinking Arnold Palmer all this time, swapping the iced tea for a cold brew may not seem all that outrageous. And, you wouldn't be alone either. Over the years, many have vouched for the iced coffee and lemonade combination. Slate calls it the "perfect way to enjoy coffee in the middle of a summer afternoon," and Epicurious suggests that it is a refreshing combination for people who like both coffee and lemonade. Eater also finds that coffee lemonades have been around in places like Brooklyn for quite some time now and that a drink called kofyeh slimonem with coffee and lemon has long been a part of Russian culture. Reddit, however, is not so convinced.

A Reddit thread posted by a Starbucks barista says that the coffee chain's cold brew lemonade is "probably one of THE most repulsive things" that they've ever tasted and they are convinced that it is nothing but "a sick joke put out by corporation." The barista questions whether the drink is even supposed to be drinkable in the first place considering its taste, and they aren't alone in their disdain for the cold brew lemonade.

Many baristas are not a fan of Starbucks' cold brew lemonade

Redditors hilariously compared the taste of the Starbucks cold brew lemonade to all sorts of gross things, with "it tasted like the after taste you get when you vomit" being just one example. "100% it tastes like I accidentally drank chemicals," says another comment. Another barista joked that if any customer ever tried to order it, they would talk them out of ordering such a drink at the very least, if not downright refuse to let them do it.

Others, however, argue that the combination of coffee and citrus has long been a thing especially in third-wave coffee shops, and you just have to know the right place to order it — and the right place apparently isn't Starbucks. Another barista explained that the drink adds more acidity to an already acidic coffee, so the result is a drink with a strong flavor which they suggest is "outside the typical American palate."

Some baristas are a rare exception and say that although there certainly is room for improvement — like a fruitier cold brew — they don't entirely hate the cold brew lemonade. It seems like Starbucks fans are just going to have to cross their fingers and try one for themselves to find out which side of the cold brew lemonade debate they're on.