Costco Shoppers Are Pumped For Its Returning Shamrock-Shaped Ravioli

Ravioli comes in every shape and size. According to Fine Dining Lovers, diners can enjoy ravioli pastas, ravioli giganti, toasted ravioli, and many more types, all filled with every ingredient under the sun. This food comes in every size and the rules get thrown out the window when it comes to stuffing. Food Republic notes that one defining feature that sets raviolis apart from their mezzelune or fagottini noodle cousins comes in the form of their shape. Raviolis feature two layers of dough in the form of a square or circle that get pressed together. With this definition in mind, some might try to debate the authenticity of Costco's shamrock-shaped ravioli that has hit shelves in time for St. Patrick's Day, but that hasn't stopped shoppers from loving the find.

Instagrammer @costcohotfinds discovered this exact product during a shopping run and had to show off the find. They posted a video of the discovery, alongside a caption reading, "Shamrock Ravioli!!! Not only is it unbelievably cute but it tastes so good too! This is a 5 cheese ravioli made with Irish aged cheddar, shredded mozzarella, creamy white cheddar, velvet ricotta and parmesan cheese. It's so fun!" Followers shared the same enthusiasm and couldn't wait to jump in with their own takes on the item.

A ton of love for shamrock raviolis

The St. Patrick's Day-themed raviolis have created a stir over on Instagram. Fans chimed in with, "They're especially delicious with the vodka sauce recipe on the back," and, "Oh I'll be buying these for sure!!" Others wholeheartedly agreed, saying, "THE BEST RAVIOLI BRAND," and, "Already have mine in the fridge because like you said they go quick." Another even had a particular recommendation — "They are super yummy with the Costco Pesto and a sprinkle of grate parm too!" The only person disappointed with the find was a shopper in The Great White North, who said, "These make our Canadian Costcos look boring lol and I already think it is super exciting, I can just imagine if we had all these lovely goodies!!!"

The same Instagram user who posted the find also included the raviolis in a product roundup video on TikTok, which drew even more love for the stuffed noodles. Users had a ton of love to give the noodles, with one person saying, "Bought the ravioli yesterday!! Yummmm!!" You might not associate stuffed Italian noodles with St. Patrick's Day, but that hasn't stopped shoppers from celebrating this festive find.