Here's What Zoë Kravitz Really Eats In A Day

Celebrities live very different day-to-day lives from most people, but just how much of their diets differ from ours? While some celebrities have bizarre food habits, a lot of famous figures have pretty relatable diets. Kendall Jenner might eat out more often than a lot of people, enjoying pizza, burgers, and fried chicken for dinner. Mindy Kaling is a fan of McDonald's, and a few years ago, she told Conan O'Brien that she eats there at least two times a week.

Wondering what your diet might look like compared to the multi-talented Zoë Kravitz? The actor eats in moderation, and she told Elle that she tries "eating greens or steamed veggies, or stuff that doesn't have a lot of oil or chemicals." She also suggests that "if you want to go to McDonald's every once in a while, do it!"

We don't know whether Kravitz is a huge McDonald's fan or has a go-to order, but according to Harper's Bazaar, Kravitz does like to have chocolate or snacks with peanut butter, and her alcoholic beverages of choice are wine and whiskey.

Is Zoë Kravitz vegan?

There's been some speculation that Kravitz sticks to a vegan diet, and The Beet, a publication that's focused on plant-based food and news, wrote an article that noted some clues suggesting that Kravitz is vegan. Although Kravitz does eat animal products, she explained to Harper's Bazaar that she grew up vegan, and she referred to the meals her mom cooked as "hippie stuff."

As she was going through what a day in her life looks like, Kravitz told Harper's Bazaar that she still eats mostly vegan food, but she does eat eggs. Kravitz said that when she eats breakfast at home, she likes to eat "eggs over easy with toast and avocado" or "a bowl with quinoa and egg and avocado and sriracha." The green fruit seems to be a staple in the model's diet since she also likes to snack on wasabi chips with avocado.

If you want to eat like a celebrity, you can easily recreate some of Kravitz's favorites at home. While cooking some of these may feel intimidating, don't overthink it, as you can actually make over-easy eggs right in the microwave. Alternatively, you can whip up this simple poached egg and avocado toast. And if you really want to eat like Kravitz, don't forget the Sriracha.