This Is Mindy Kaling's Go-To McDonald's Order

Mindy Kaling's love of McDonald's has been well-documented on social media over the years. The chain even tweets happy birthday messages to "The Office" star. Kaling is clearly a fan, and her love of the Golden Arches even had Conan O'Brien quipping in a 2015 interview, "You tweet a lot about McDonald's. To the point where I think you're on their payroll ... like you're a cool celebrity ... are you in McDonald's pocket?" At the time, the answer was no. Kaling was simply a fan who enjoyed their food.

The creator of the hit Netflix series, "Never Have I Ever," explained to O'Brien that when you work the kind of hours she does, McDonald's is a good option. Kaling hilariously said, "I like McDonald's because they've done a lot to make healthy options for people if they want, like salads and whatever, but I don't eat those." Kaling shared that she is more of a Quarter Pounder type of girl who shuns the apple slices and says bring on the fries. It's hard not to respect that philosophy. So what is Kaling's go-to order when she rolls through McD's drive-thru?

Mindy Kaling likes much of the McDonald's menu

Honestly, it's hard to tell. Kaling seems to be a fan of all things McDonald's. From Shamrock Shakes to Happy Meals, to everything in between (except maybe the salads), Kaling seems to embrace the McDonald's menu with open arms and jaw. In one Instagram post, the actor uploaded a photo of herself standing in front of a table full of Happy Meals and shakes and wrote, "On the way out of the wrap party @mcdonalds outfitted every guest with happy meals and shamrock shakes. Best goodie bag in history."

Kaling believes her love for McDonald's stems from the fact that, when she was little, she wasn't allowed to enjoy their Chicken McNuggets and every child's favorite, the Happy Meal. During her 2015 interview, she revealed to O'Brien that she ate at the fast food chain least twice a week, always using the convenience of the drive-thru. And in 2017, Kaling teamed up with McDonald's in an ad where she never said their name (via Today). At the time, she tweeted, "I partnered with a brand w/o being able to say the name of the brand. Is that normal? If so, can I be paid in fries?" If only.