This Is Molly Sims' Favorite Fast Food Chain - Exclusive

No matter who you are or the lifestyle you lead, chances are there's a fast food order that lingers in the back of your mind. Whether you need something quick or you need to satisfy a craving, that go-to order is always at the ready. For model and Hood Cottage Cheese celebrity representative Molly Sims, her favorite fast food chain and order are more than that as she explained to Mashed in an exclusive interview. For Sims, the order that springs to mind is one that's also a little nostalgic.

Sims was born and raised in Kentucky where she had "a very Southern mom," and those Southern roots definitely play into her choice of fast food. "It's funny because my mom had a love of food. She grew up on a farm. Her mom and dad were very close to us. She was always very into a magazine called 'Southern Living.' Very Southern — casseroles, dishes, cakes," Sims said. While she still loves many Southern dishes, there's one specific place she and her family turn to for a quick and delicious meal.

This is what she loves at Chick-fil-A

In addition to her busy work schedule and long hours at photo shoots, Sims is also a mom on the move. "I'm a mom of three and I would be a complete and utter liar if I tell you that we do not [eat fast food]," Sims said. While fast food definitely makes their table from time to time, Sims also appreciates Chick-fil-A as a chain she grew up with too. "I have to say, since my childhood, there is no better lemonade than Chick-fil-A," she told Mashed. Lemonade aside, Sims loves Chick-fil-A for the same reason so many others do too.

It's all about the chain's chicken. "There is probably no better chicken nugget than Chick-fil-A or a chicken sandwich. If you're going high end [fast food], Chick-fil-A never lets me down," she explained. If you've ever tried to visit the drive-thru at a Chick-fil-A during peak hours, you likely know she's not alone. 

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