A DoorDash Customer Helped A Senior Delivery Driver In The Sweetest Way

After Anabelle Stephens saw the footage of a 71-year-old DoorDash driver delivering her meal on her Ring camera, she took to TikTok to share the video with others, captioning it, "Tell me I didn't just get the cutest doordasher." Stephens couldn't have known the journey she and this DoorDasher were about to embark on.

After acquiring millions of likes on her initial post, Stephens began posting a series of TikToks documenting her and eventually many others' efforts to help financially so he can retire in the near future. Initially, Stephens contacted DoorDash to try to track down the driver, and after the company obtained approval to share his information, the pair connected via phone. "Anabelle, this is the infamous TikTok dude, Kerry," he told Stephens.

As Newsweek reported, after learning about the hardships the widower was enduring including working two jobs to survive financially and some health problems, Stephens decided to take action and set up a GoFundMe account for Kerry Judd, offering hope for him and a way to help for the many TikTokers who took to the comments of the initial video to express how upset they were over Judd's situation. "This makes me so, so sad. I get all emotional when I see the elderly working to survive," wrote one user.

Viral DoorDash video led to a fundraiser and new friend for an older driver

Anabelle Stephens set up a GoFundMe account in hopes of raising enough money so 71-year-old DoorDash driver Kerry Judd could quit at least one of his jobs and settle into semi-retirement, encouraging her TikTok followers to donate what they could, even if it was just $1. As of this writing, the fundraiser has raised nearly $110,500 and received donations from 4,500 people. "I can't begin to describe the amount of support from across the world! This is beyond words and beyond what I could ever imagine! This is life changing for Kerry and that is ALL from you guys!!!" Stephens captioned one of her TikToks.

News outlets began reaching out to Stephens to tell the new friends' story, and, just days after her first post, the two met up for dinner. TikTokers again took to the comments to share they had been waiting for an update, as well as express their awe and appreciation for Stephens. "you changed this man's life girl your a hero to him keep up the good work your truly a blessing to him and his family," wrote one user. Kerry's son Jason also expressed his gratitude, writing, "You did good. Thank you. I know dad sure does appreciate it," to which Stephens replied with a red heart emoji. Sounds like one of the finest expressions of love for humanity indeed.