Costco Fans Are Impressed With This Cookie Storage Observation

There are a lot of reasons to recycle. Rather than simply tossing old items into the garbage, recycling can greatly help cut down on harmful waste build-up in landfills, reduce air and water pollution, and help conserve valuable natural non-renewable resources, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But the practice is not only good for the environment — recycling, reusing, and repurposing items can also help you save time, money, and may even help kickstart some creative upcycled projects of your own.

Recently, one creative Costco shopper discovered a great way to repurpose the containers that come with the chain's popular Death By Chocolate dessert jars. This sweet treat features a delectable blend of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse, topped with crunchy crumbles of chocolate cookies and drizzled with chocolate cream, all served inside a convenient and portable mason jar (via Facebook). But, instead of simply tossing these jars into the trash after all that delicious chocolate was finished, one Redditor discovered they were the perfect size to give a home to another type of Costco dessert.

Costco shoppers have recycled their mason jars in creative ways

"The Death by Chocolate mason jars fit the Costco mini-chocolate cookies perfectly," u/Probston captioned a photo of their repurposed mason jar, now full of sweet mini-cookies. Some followers on the thread were charmed by how perfectly the cookies fit into the jar. "Love the cookie measurement," one person replied, while another joked, "OMG, stuff that holds other stuff that comes with really good stuff inside. I'm doomed."

Others chimed in to share even more ideas for how these types of mason jars can be reused. "I love these jars!! I use them for overnight oats," one shopper wrote, while another user said they "think of how these can become little gifts to give out around the holidays." And another shared, "So many of the Costco jars and containers are wonderfully recyclable," while adding "they make perfect shot glasses and serving cups for tiny parfaits or treats." 

When it comes to mason jars, there is certainly no shortage of ways that they can be reused, from making gifts and crafts to serving as storage containers for everything from household odds and ends to leftovers and, of course, dessert. So the next time you finish off a Death by Chocolate dessert or other product served in a potentially reusable container, you might want to think about how you can repurpose it before simply tossing it in the trash.