Here's How You Can Get Cast On Next Level Chef Season 2

Season 1's "Next Level Chef" winner was just revealed this week. Naturally, Fox is already looking ahead to "Next Level Chef" Season 2. In an effort to find the next batch of talent for the cooking competition series, chef Richard Blais, a mentor on the show, wrote on Instagram: "If you think you have what it takes, head over to the 'Next Level Chef' page for casting info!!!" If you do "head over," you'll see a webpage requesting your birth date, followed by an application with a long list of questions.

Based on the questions, the casting team wants to get a good idea of who you are as a cook. The application includes questions about your culinary background, your philosophy behind food, and your speciality dishes. It also seems to aim to get a sense of your onscreen personality, telling you to list "your pet peeves in the kitchen" and even "the most important relationships in your life." There's no telling whether or not the production team could take this information and construct flare-ups between the contestants — after all, "Next Level Chef" is primarily reality television. Once you fill out the application, you'll just need to wait (and make sure you can take off four weeks in the fall for filming).

What entering — and winning — 'Next Level Chef' can get you

Those who manage to fill out that lengthy application will get the chance to win "Next Level Chef," an achievement that gets you two main things. First, Distractify notes, the victor receives $250,000 and "a year of mentorship from the show's professional chefs," a prize Fox calls "life-changing."

Besides these concrete resources, the other life-altering aspect of winning "Next Level Chef" is that it puts the cook on a springboard for success in the food industry. Season 1 winner — spoiler — Pyet DeSpain told Eater she intends to follow up her victory with a pop-up in Los Angeles that will spotlight the Native American cuisine of her background. "If there's anything I'm going to do to be successful, I want [people] to know my culture, where I grew up, how I grew up, why I am the person that I am," she said. Undoubtedly, winning a cooking competition hosted by Gordon Ramsay would demand some attention for your projects.