TikTok Is Surprised By This Ingredient In Wingstop's Ranch Dressing

Wingstop is not only incredibly popular for their many flavors of chicken wings, but also due to the chain's low prices. Supply chain issues and inflation, which have plagued food companies including Wingstop, pushed the price of wings up 41% over the past year. However, with good news for chicken lovers, Wingstop was able to keep its price increases under 27.5%, helping its wings remain a good value.

Apart from their affordable and delicious wings, one Wingstop food that fans can't get enough of is their ranch, which is actually deemed the best fast food ranch dressing around. The chain even said on Twitter that some customers come in for the ranch alone — and stores sell it by the pound. But now TikTok users are surprised by a recent video taking fans behind the scenes in the making of the famous ranch dressing. So what is it exactly that has TikTokers all bent out of shape?

These ingredients make Wingstop's ranch so good

A trending TikTok video showing the behind-the-scenes prep of Wingstop's ranch dressing has fans of the fast casual spot pretty hyped up. In the video, an employee whisks together mayonnaise and buttermilk until it's smooth and creamy, then adds a seasoning packet. Although the video does not specify what the seasonings are, a commenter who used to be a Wingstop manager said they use the Hidden Valley brand.

However, the seasoning was not even the most shocking ingredient for Wingstop fans, who were more shocked by the mayonnaise. "RANCH IS MADE OUT OF MAYO?????" commented one user, receiving more than 8,000 likes. "Wingstop ranch is officially ruined for me. I suspected it was mayo but refused to accept it," another wrote.

Others were also shocked — not at Wingstop, but over the fact that some people didn't know that mayo is in ranch dressing. "What did people think ranch main ingredients was?" one TikToker asked, with an emoji of a skull to imply the situation had left them "dead." The video has a blend of 2,234 surprised and amused comments so far, but no matter TikTok's response over the dressing, we bet this won't stop Wingstop fans from dipping into it.