This Canned Food Won't Expire For Almost 30 Years

In today's world of inflation, it's not uncommon to want to stock up on foods that have a long shelf life. If you're a salt-of-the-earth survivalist or just someone who wants to keep a steady budget, canned foods are an option you'll want to take. You might wonder what canned foods are the best to stock up on, and which have a long shelf life. After all, no one wants to be stuck with cans of food that will go bad before you even get to eat them.

The New Survivalist claims that, while all canned food can last a good few years, canned meats and vegetables can last the longest. Canned meat can surprisingly last four to 10 years and canned vegetables can have a shelf life of three to eight years. The Prepping Guide also suggests that certain dehydrated foods, such as carrots and corn, can last for 10 to 25 years.

While these are important foods to stock up on, there are some foods that, with proper storage, can last you for as long as 30 or more years.

Dried beans can last up to 30 years

Mental Floss gives a list of ten foods that are supposedly renowned for never — or at least almost never — going bad, no matter how long it's been. Included in the list are hard liquors, syrups, salt, dried beans, and white rice. These are all staples of any prepping or long-term storage stash, but while alcohol has sterilization properties and salt is used for preserving meats, what exactly makes dried beans such a key necessity?

Researchers at Brigham Young University ran an experiment on the quality of dried beans after 30 years. The results showed that the beans had suffered some loss of quality, unavoidable to do the amount of time that passed, but were still perfectly acceptable to eat if the situation called for it. The Provident Prepper also tested aged dried beans after 18 years instead of 30 and noted a "sweet metallic smell" after opening the cans. However, after the beans were rinsed, the smell quickly went away. The scent is a product of long-term canning, the outlet explained. The beans were able to be made into 15 different meals that the preppers claim tasted delicious.

Of course, this all depends on how one cans and stores the beans. Storing them in a proper, clean way can ensure you'll have plenty of food supply for years to come, and perhaps have you eating beans every day sometime in the future.