Why Instagram Is So Upset About Giada De Laurentiis' Cozy Backyard

Another day, another example of someone rich and famous demonstrating to the world via social media that they have absolutely no idea what does and doesn't play in Peoria – and the entire rest of the planet. During the dark days of quarantine we were treated to celebs whining about quarantining in their multimillion-dollar digs and luxury bathtubs, then a few months later we got to see J Lo flinging costly jewelry on a beach in an Instagram video that wasn't too well-received by her non-millionaire fan base. Oh, and who could forget that behind-the-scenes tour of Papa John's mansion, something he apparently felt would cheer us up in the midst of a pandemic? (Spoiler: It didn't.)

Well, apparently Giada De Laurentiis wasn't paying attention to the reaction her fellow celebs received when they tried to show off their wealth during a time of crisis. One of the multimillionaire's latest Instagram posts is a not-even-remotely humble brag about her "cozy new backyard" that may well have cost more than many of us make in a year. Or several years.

What's in De Laurentiis' new backyard?

For the most part, Giada De Laurentiis' Instagram video is wordless, apart from a cheery intro: "It's a beautiful day in LA, so I'm going to try all my new furniture. Let's go!" Off to a great start already, considering how it's still pretty wintry where many of us live. With a wave of her arm, Giada skips off to strike a few poses lounging on said furniture, which she says in the caption comes from Sunbrella and was selected because it's both "comfortable and easy to clean." (If she has a household staff, we have no doubt it appreciates the latter attribute.) In case you're wondering if you can go online to order this furniture yourself, the answer is no. Sunbrella, it seems, just supplies the fabric, so the furniture itself will need to be custom-made. Of course it will.

So what patio furniture does De Laurentiis have? A bunch of chairs with cushions, some of them grouped around a fire pit, others gathered around tables large and small. There are also umbrella-shaded poolside loungers – because of course there's a large pool – and there's even a daybed kind of thing in case De Laurentiis gets all tuckered out from the lounging and needs to take a nap.

De Laurentiis may not have received the response she was hoping for

We're not sure what kind of reaction Giada De Laurentiis was looking for here, but we're assuming she just wants everyone to be happy for her. A few of her fans actually appear to be so, chiming in with heart emojis and comments like "Looking great my friend," "Beautiful backyard!" and "love the side pool furniture." Someone else may be speaking for all of us when they say "I want to be rich like you."

Others, however, are less amused by De Laurentiis' ostentatious display. As one of the top comments sums up the video, it seems to be telling viewers, "Hehe look how rich I am!" Another person says, "OK show off – that's about enough!" Still others point out De Laurentiis' failure to "read the Room." One person, referring to recent events unfolding on the international stage, satirizes De Laurentiis' chirpy intro with a succinct "It is beautiful day in the Ukraine... :( " Yet another expands upon this theme, asking "Are you serious with this? Between the pandemic-the economy and a war I'm so happy you're Patio furniture is working out!" Poor De Laurentiis. All that money, and many Instagrammers feel she still can't buy a clue.