TikTok Is Wowed By Wolfgang Puck's Fully Edible 'Oyster'

When you think of Wolfgang Puck, you probably think about his famous L.A. eatery Spago. Perhaps the time he prepared tomahawk steaks with his son on his birthday at his Beverly Hills restaurant Cut comes to mind. You may even think about how Joan Collins inspired his smoked salmon pizza or what he serves at the Oscars. The Austrian-born chef has made many impressive contributions to the culinary world and has been recognized by the California Museum for giving the state's burgeoning food scene so much depth and visibility in the 1970s. 

Puck is definitely a master of his trade and has been very successful, but sometimes even Puck just wants to cut to the chase and focus on dessert. The celebrity chef recently took to TikTok to share a fully edible oyster, shell and all. His fans on the app loved his take on the seafood classic. But be forewarned if you like the classic shellfish, Puck's dish is not your typical run-of-the-mill oyster and you may be surprised by this sweet fantasy.

Wolfgang Puck's oyster made of chocolate

Wolfgang Puck shared a video on TikTok and it has racked up over 79k views and close to 5k likes. The clip features a dish that looks like an a beautifully prepared oyster, garnished with a small purple-ish flower and pearl. However, when the lucky diner taps their spoon into the shell and pearl, the oyster breaks apart. Puck's voiceover asks, "Can you believe? An oyster but it's made out of chocolate. It's all edible."

TikTokers were in awe of this beautiful creation. One commenter wrote, "Omg the fun I could have with that order it and make my husband think I'm crazy (I'm allergic to shellfish and miss oysters crab etc like crazy)." Another follower chimed in with, "I'm dying to begin working with chocolate, this looks divine!" Yet another fan summed up their feelings with the simple response, "I want to try this."

Not everyone is a fan of traditional oysters – a poll revealed more than 47 percent of British people saying they would not eat the seafood (via loveFOOD). Perhaps Puck's fully edible chocolate version could help change their minds.