The Subreddit That Overwhelmingly Prefers Costco To Sam's Club

American Express famously coined the slogan "membership has its privileges", and when you need to buy in bulk, truer words have never been spoken. Retail warehouse membership clubs can be your best friend when you need alcohol for a cocktail party, cans of La Croix for your backyard gathering, or a sheet cake on the cheap that can feed a crowd.

But which one do you shop at? All too often, the decision probably comes down to either Costco or Sam's Club, and in the world of retailers like these where membership is your ticket for purchasing, there is a clear line drawn in the proverbial sand. And don't be fooled, the division between fans of these two wholesale retail chains is alive and well. Just visit this /r/kzoo subreddit thread that reveals itself to be a community of team Costco versus team Sam's Club, with Costco fans far outnumbering Sam's Club fans. 

Clearly, these membership-driven retailers can be a great way to save money, but with one caveat, according to The savings must counterbalance the membership fee you have to pay to join. But what other aspects of Costco and Sam's Club factor into a consumer's decision of where to pledge their allegiance?

Employee treatment is an issue

So why is this subreddit board gushing over Costco? When it comes down to store brand, they seem to concur that Costco's Kirkland brand is far better compared to Sam's Club's Member's Mark. One community member wrote, "I have never been disappointed by Kirkland but Member's Mark disappoints me 9 times out of 10," and another seconded with, Costco better by a mile...Much better quality in house brand, Kirkland." And still another Redditor wrote, "I like the verity and quality of the products at Costco."

But one cited factor that really stood out is employee treatment. Reddit seems to really appreciate how Costco values its employees. This was summed up by a Reddit community member who typed, "Treats employees better. Pays way better, actual benefits. Employees at Costco are always happy when you go in there. Sams the employees are on the verge of crying or super depressed." In fact, another offered, "Costco is a better company that treats its employees better. I'll always pay a little bit more for that."

There is also empirical data to back up how Costco values its employees, at least when it comes to compensation. did a side-by-side comparison and declared Costco the hands-down winner when it comes to pay. The average pay for both cashiers and stock staff is significantly higher for Costco employees than Sam's Club employees.  

So which team are you?