26% Of People Think Bobby Flay Can't Cook, According To This Poll

If you've ever watched celebrity chef Bobby Flay in action, you know that he makes whipping up a culinary masterpiece look as easy as riding a trike. And, whether you're his biggest fan or a doubting detractor, the man certainly has an impressive list of accomplishments. 

Bobby Flay has the credentials of a great chef, graduating from the French Culinary Institute and working under renowned chef, Jonathan Waxman, for three years. He has the experience, having led an impressive collection of restaurants and currently owning both Amalfi and Bobby's Burger Palace. He's not afraid of having a large television viewership cast a critical eye on his cooking chops, participating and, oftentimes, hosting many shows like "Boy Meets Grill," "Throwdown!," and "Beat Bobby Flay." And his dishes are consistently top-notch, defeating 72% of his contenders on "Iron Chef."  

With such an impressive background in the culinary arts and a vast degree of success, it is hard to imagine anyone doubting Flay's kitchen prowess. But one poll seems to suggest that when it comes to his cooking ability, some people remain unimpressed. 

This poll yields interesting results

In a Buzzfeed poll, readers are provided with a list of well-known celebrity chefs and asked whether or not they think each one can cook. While the tally is ongoing, the results are crystal clear. Around a quarter of all respondents (26%) believe that Bobby Flay can't cook. 

If these results shock you, perhaps you'll be relieved to know that this ranking still awards Flay a fourth-place finish as the best cook. The only ones who score better are Alton Brown with 23% saying he lacks skill, Ina Garten at 21%, and overall fan favorite, Masaharu Morimoto with an impressive 8%. On the flip side, 86% of voters believe Selena Gomez has a deficit of culinary talent, followed by Molly Yeh at 57%. 

Those who claim Flay lacks cuisine know-how did upset some poll participants who came to his defense. Dinodan8255 offers, "Bobby Fly is a certified Chef. 20-30 year time frame if I remember right," while emmielou states, "Whoever says that Bobby Flay is bad, you are seriously wrong. Ever heard of the show Beat Bobby Flay?"

Clearly, when it comes to celebrity chefs, everyone has a favorite. But to those who say Bobby Flay can't cook, his fans boldly ask, "Can you beat Bobby Flay?"