Chipotle Just Officially Added This Dish To Its Nationwide Menu

Chipotle fans who are fatigued of ordering the same protein in their bowls and burritos may be pleased to know that the fast-casual Mexican-inspired chain has introduced its "first chicken menu innovation in its 29-year history," according to a company press release. The chain's new grilled pollo asado consists of "Responsibly Raised" chicken that tossed in a spice blend, plancha-seared, chopped, and garnished with a marinade containing garlic, guajillo peppers, lime, and cilantro. According to Chipotle chief marketing officer Chris Brandt, chicken is the most popular protein at Chipotle. The pollo asado will join, not replace, the chain's existing adobo chicken option.

To ring in the nationwide launch, Chipotle is offering $0 delivery fees for customers who order an entrée with pollo asado and spend a minimum of $10 for a limited time from March 14 to March 20. The protein is also available for in-restaurant and online orders at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada — though for "a limited time" that the chain hasn't specified.

Some customers have already tried pollo asado, to positive reviews

Back in November of 2021, Chipotle tested pollo asado at some locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Sacramento, California, for a total of 95 stores. How did it fare? The chain announced that "feedback and sales from the pollo asado test were on par with the test market results of smoked brisket, Chipotle's bestselling menu innovation in the company's recent history."

As for the pollo asado verdict among social media users, Sacramento-based Redditor @JustinK182 was able to try it last November. They claimed that they were "very impressed" with the chicken, having ordered half pollo asado and half carnitas. The reviewer went so far as to say it was the best bowl they had ever eaten at Chipotle. Another commenter on the post called it better than the chain's original adobo chicken, with "way more flavor" thanks to the garlic, lime, and chilis. Meanwhile, MassLive's review of the protein describes it as "cilantro-forward," with refreshing "herbaceousness" and "zesty" flavors.