Instagram Is Applauding Marc Murphy's Decision To Join José Andrés In Poland

When Russia brought war to Ukraine, José Andrés wasted no time taking action. According to Town & Country Magazine, the chef's nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, immediately set up shop on the Polish border of Ukraine and started providing meals to refugees fleeing the crisis. In addition to getting his charity organization on the ground, Andrés also used some of the prize money he received after winning a grant from Jeff Bezos to put towards helping Ukraine.

Andrés set the stage, and other chefs have responded in kind. Eater reports that Atlanta's Hugh Acheson has traveled to Romania to assist World Central Kitchen and help as many people as possible who are escaping the war get sufficient nourishment. Now Marc Murphy has joined the effort.

Murphy spread the word in a video post on Instagram in which the celebrity chef shares images of his trip to the border of Ukraine with a caption reading, "People are suffering and I can't sit on the sidelines anymore. That's why I am letting you all know I made the decision to pack my things and head to Poland where I will join @chefjoseandres and his team at @wckitchen to help with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. It's time we all take action." Fans overwhelmingly loved the decision and let the chef know in the comment section.

Murphy's followers love his charitable decision

Instagrammers applauded chef Marc Murphy for his decision to help refugees, with one commenter confiding, "Yes chef!! Wish I could be there with you," and another writing, "Nicely done pal! Respect. Just donated. Be safe and do what you do best!!" World Central Kitchen took note, saying, "We are grateful to have you on the team, Chef! Thank you for continuing to support WCK." There were also encouraging replies like, "Stay safe! This is a wonderful humanitarian effort by YOU!!" and, "I applaud your humanitarian effort and have donated to WCK."

Many have joined in to assist in any way they can, like one user who said, "You're Amazing! We donated this morning...all proceeds from an art sale going to WCK. Be safe. Stay strong. Your courage & contribution are your key ingredients." Others simply responded with, "Godspeed, chef!!! Donated and sharing. It is the least I can do." Andrés has drummed up a ton of awareness and attention towards the mounting refugee crisis sparked by the war, and with the assistance of chefs like Marc Murphy, more people in need have access to a proper meal.