Here's How José Andrés Is Bringing Aid To The People Of Ukraine

There is no shortage of information booming at the moment about the situation in Ukraine. For weeks, tensions have been building between Russia and Ukraine and measures have been taken to try to prevent an invasion from Russia, but recently the situation has escalated. According to CNN, "Russia had been tightening its military grip around Ukraine since last year," and has invaded.

New Outlets like The Washington Post and NBC News are offering consistent live updates, while concerned citizens around the world are simply looking for a way they can help. And while some have limited means to provide assistance, celebrities like José Andrés may be able to support in slightly bigger ways. This is not the first time Andrés has stepped up and used his fame to assist in times of crisis. When an earthquake struck Haiti, Andrés helped bring supplies to victims and helped keep them fed (via Fast Company). Similarly, when Kentucky's tornado hit in December, Andrés' World Central Kitchen identified what food was needed and brought it to victims there. And now he is at it again.

World Central Kitchen continues to chip in

With the escalating issues between Ukraine and Russia, José Andrés wants to help in the best way he knows how — through food. People reported that in an effort to support being a "force of good," Andrés took to social media to call out the injustice happening within the regions and call for a fight against "bad people."

Putting his money where his mouth is, Andrés announced that his organization World Central Kitchen, which is dedicated to "helping devastated communities recover and establish resilient food systems," set up camp on the Ukraine-Poland border to help refugees in need. Andrés noted that in addition to the organization's placement on the border, he would also be sending members of the organization to nearby Romania soon (via Twitter). Lastly, the mogul promised that he would be donating money to Ukraine from the Jeff Bezos' Courage and Civility Award, which he recently garnered along. As part of the award, Bezos donated $100 million to Andrés (via CNN).

As fellow chef Hugh Acheson tweeted, foodies can assist in their efforts by giving "TO @WCKitchen IF YOU CAN. They are the elite responders to crisis. Always there. First to feed and nourish."