Why A Redditor Called Aldi's St. Patrick's Day Ice Cream 'A Rip Off'

The Irish have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day since the ninth century (via History). By the 1700s, Country Living says, the holiday was no longer solely religious in nature, and more like the St. Patrick's Day we know today.

Here in the 21st century, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by wearing green (and pinching those who don't), decorating with shamrocks, enjoying a Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, and drinking. In total, Americans spend about $5.9 billion on St. Patrick's Day each year, says the National Retail Federation. All that goes toward hosting parties, having dinner out, going to the bar, and indulging in holiday-themed treats.

This year, in addition to its usual St. Patrick's Day items — like those adorable gnomes – Aldi surprised its devoted shoppers with two new St. Patrick's Day themed ice creams. However, for some people, Luck o' the Cookie Dough didn't quite live up to expectations.

Nothing lucky about this new Aldi ice cream

Although shoppers usually sing Aldi's praises, Reddit user Phila21767 changed things up a bit with a complaint about the St. Patrick's Day ice cream. They wrote, "What a rip off. Not one yellow fudge chip and not a piece of cookie dough," and added that the container was only 70% full.

For context, the Luck o' the Cookie Dough ice cream is labeled as "cookie dough flavored ice cream with yellow fudge chips and green star shaped cookie dough." Guess someone didn't exactly follow through on that description, huh?

Other Redditors chimed in with their disappointment. Rhoswhen said, "Agreed, this one was gross. I dumped half of it." Stachums said, "It looks like a weird meat salad with huge celery chunks." Nice_Category said, "The Luck o' the Cookie Dough was not with you today."

Shamrockin' Swirl, on the other hand, was deemed delicious. Pascalica said, "There were three of us eating out of the container and we polished it off in one go." Keep this in mind if you go to buy ice cream from Aldi this month.