Aldi Shoppers Can't Wait To Try This St. Patrick's Day Themed Ice Cream

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, major retailers like Aldi are starting to prepare for the festivities. According to Food Network, Aldi has special products available for a limited time, such as its St. Patrick's Day cheese collections that will be sold from March 2 for $3.99 each. Foodies can also find sweet treats, including the Lofthouse St. Patrick's Day Frosted Sugar Cookies for $2.89 and the Bake Shop Irish Cream Cheesecake for $4.99, among other products. 

There's even special ice cream available for those who'd like to sample a slightly different treat. And, as new products continue to be added to shelves, shoppers have begun posting pictures of the dessert on social media. For example, popular Instagram account Aldi All the Time spotted two themed flavors on the shelves, much to the excited of other fans. The caption read, "St. Patrick's Day ... One of my favorite holidays is coming and I need allllll the food & beverages. Definitely grabbed both of these to try."

There are two flavors to pick from at Aldi

According to the Instagram post by Aldi All The Time, two new ice cream flavors are now up for grabs at Aldi outlets for St. Patrick's Day: The Sunday Shoppe Luck o' the Cookie Dough and Shamrockin' Swirl. While the former is a cookie dough flavored ice cream with "yellow fudge chips" and "green star shaped sugar cookie dough," the latter is a mint flavored treat that has "yellow fudge chips and choco-cookie crumb swirl." 

Instagram users are curious about the new flavors; Someone commented, "They both look so good. I'll probably end up with one of each." In another post, an Instagram user made their feelings clear by writing, "Love all the St Patrick's Day goodies!" Note that the ice cream may not be in stock at all Aldi outlets and it may take a few days for the products to show up. 

The ice cream flavors are already a topic of discussion on Reddit: Someone posted a photo of Shamrockin' Swirl ice cream in the r/aldi subreddit which prompted another Redditor to write, "I'm glad I'm lactose intolerant. I'd never stop."