Aarón Sánchez's Reaction To This Pan-Free Bean Prep Has TikTok In Stitches

Celebrity chefs reacting to their fans' food prep video has quickly become one the internet's favorite forms of entertainment. For example, Gordon Ramsay's #RamsayReacts series has done well in reaching new audiences and giving them a laugh.  Recently, Aarón Sánchez of "MasterChef" reacted to a person's pan-free technique to heat up and prepare a can of beans. In the past, Sánchez has come on the app to call out Gordon Ramsay and to critique tacos, the latter of which he was particularly passionate about.

Likewise, Sánchez did not hold back in his criticism of this bean hack. Despite him calling the creator of the video, @brandyrosetv, a "nice young man," the celebrity chef said that he was "concerned." For context, Brandy Rose describes himself as a "Foodie Boy," in his TikTok bio and has 1.1 million followers on his account, which even surpasses Sánchez's following. Rose posts all sorts of content, but lots of it revolves around food, which his fans enjoy as evident from his 25.6 million likes.

So, why did Rose's bean technique upset Sánchez?

This bean technique is 'concerning'

In Aarón Sánchez's defense, TikToker Brandy Rose's way of preparing beans is far from conventional. In the video, Rose takes the can of beans and places it on a stovetop. The top lid is removed, so the viewer can see the beans boiling within the can. After the beans are fully cooked, Rose transfers them onto a plate by turning the can upside-down, so that they retain the shape of the container.

Sánchez likened the user's use of the stove to a common volcano science project done in grade school. He captioned his video, "bro, lo siento but this is a major #NOrale for me," with a facepalm emoji. Even on Rose's original video, people in the comments are disagreeing with his way of preparing beans. One user, @nikko.pepermikes28, wrote, "no no no no no no no no no no that's not how you took it," which had seven likes in agreement.

In conclusion, this technique is not Chef Sánchez approved.