Gordon Ramsay Described This TikTok As A 'Crime Against Wagyu'

If you can get your hands on some Wagyu beef, you have seriously lucked out. This luxurious type of steak comes from a special breed of Japanese cow bred for optimal fat marbling. This distribution of fat lends itself to a steak that melts in your mouth the moment you bite into it and naturally feels very tender. Thanks to its exquisite nature, this variety of steak retails at much higher prices compared to its standard counterparts and warrants the proper preparation to do this unique meat justice. 

No one knows how to treat a steak right like Gordon Ramsay. According to the chef, anyone looking to properly cook up a steak needs to use an extra hot pan, relax the steak by letting it sit out until it is room temperature, and gather up a simple combo of salt, pepper, butter, and oil to get the best flavor out of the cut of meat. With a straightforward approach, Ramsay guarantees any home cook can make a mouthwatering steak, no matter what cut they end up using. While this approach seems easy, some chefs online have experimented with new techniques, including a cooking style that made Ramsay visibly wince.

Gordon Ramsay is not impressed with this new steak technique

In a recent TikTok post, Ramsay watched a Wagyu tomahawk steak get deep fried. From the opening moments of the video, Ramsay exclaims, "Oh come on, you have got to be kidding me. You never ever deep fry a tomahawk steak!" As the video progresses, the chef's frustration worsens and hits a pinnacle after the steak gets lifted out of a pot of hot oil. By the end of the video Ramsay can't hold back his disgust, reacting with, "What do I think? You've lost the plot." The comment section defended the original video depicting the deep fried steak. Words of support ranged from "Never dis Guga Gordon," all the way to "Bro chill, guga deserves respect."

If you ever wanted to witness a steak get deep fried, make sure to check out the video and decide if Ramsay's outbursts seemed justified. The videos never show anyone eating the finished meal, making it hard to truly judge how the steak ended up tasting. If you count yourself as a purist, you might just have to side with Ramsay and his reaction against this novel cooking technique.