TikTok Is Divided On Aarón Sánchez's Response To This Taco Recipe

There's no denying that TikTok is home to some of the most innovative food hacks and recipes on the internet. From the viral fufu challenge that had TikTokers ordering takeout from West African restaurants, per Today, to basically everyone on the app wanting to try mattaq (via TikTok), TikTok has also been a great platform for popularizing and introducing audiences to new cuisines.

Though fairly mainstream already, Mexican food often makes rounds on the For You page too. Even celebrity chef Aarón Sánchez took notice, and in a recent TikTok, gushed over birria tacos, the trending street food that has racked up millions of views on the app. As an unofficial authority on all things Mexican food, Sánchez unsurprisingly takes things pretty seriously in the kitchen. And based on his response to a viral taco recipe (via TikTok), or more accurately a tortilla hack, he's not too keen on taking shortcuts while cooking, especially if the product isn't related to authentic Mexican cuisine. In the video that triggered Sánchez's response, user @lightconte toasts a tortilla in a toaster until it puffs out to form a pocket, then stuffs it with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and chicken.

Aarón Sánchez has high standards for tacos

Though @lightconte never claims that this hack represents any sort of cuisine, Aarón Sánchez made sure to clarify that to his followers. "This right here is extremely troubling," he began his video. "I just want you guys to understand that this has no bearing on anything inherently Mexican. This is an invention, and it's a sad one."

TikTok is full of tortilla hacks, ones that you probably shouldn't use while competing on "Chopped," but that doesn't mean they aren't worth sharing, at least according to comments on Sánchez's video. One self-identified Mexican chef said, "People interpret tacos [in] different ways. Just like pizza. Yes it's wrong, but it's a new spin on it." Another user added, "It doesn't have to be authentic to be good."

Others agreed with Sánchez instead, sharing, "Why do people do this to our food?" and "That's tortilla abuse and it's not ok." Whether or not putting a tortilla in a toaster is as troubling as Sánchez said still seems to be up for debate.