The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's New Spring Latte Adds A Twist To A Classic Flavor

"Blossom by blossom the spring begins," said one English poet (via, and with the shifting season comes warmer weather and a chance to trade in the old for the new. That could mean a second chance at a new year's resolution you haven't gotten around to yet, or it could mean something as simple as swapping out your usual winter coffee order for something a little more refreshing. If you're in the habit of stopping at your nearest branch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for your morning cup of joe, the coffee chain has something new in store that takes the season to heart by zhuzhing up a classic flavor. 

The chain has earned loyal customers for providing the most caffeinated cup of coffee around (per Business Insider), and it recently got a big thumbs up for the plant-based breakfast sandwich it released in January. But even without its steady updates, the yearlong staples on the company's coffee menu go above and beyond your standard flavored lattes. Its fan favorites include a Midnight Mocha Cold Brew Latte, a Vanilla Bean Cold Brew Latte, and a Vietnamese Cold Brew Latte, so we're not surprised that the newcomer on its spring 2022 menu is just as inventive (via Chew Boom).  

Burnt caramel is the star of the new latte

If your favorite part of crème brûlée is the caramelized sugar on top (whose isn't?), you'll probably love The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's new flavor: a Burnt Caramel Cold Brew Latte. The drink uses the chain's signature cold brew, whose blend of Bali Blue Moon, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and chicory grounds are steeped for 20 hours, per Chew Boom. Frothed milk makes it a latte, and a "toasty caramel flavor" takes it to the next level. According to the brand's website, the burnt caramel adds a "subtle sweetness that doesn't overpower the innate flavors of the base of the drink, resulting in a delightfully luscious cup." 

If your mouth is watering, but you're conflicted by the words "coffee chain," know that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf prides itself on sustainability. "We purchase our beans direct from coffee farmers building on decades-long relationships to ensure we get the top 1% of the best arabica beans in the world," reads a statement on its website. We expect the new flavor to be a hit — who doesn't love dessert in a cup?