Every Sprite Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

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Sprite is everyone's favorite refreshing lemon-lime soda. Sorry 7UP fans. Sprite originally debuted in the 1950s, as Clear Lemon Fanta in West Germany. It was designed to compete with 7UP, according to Rock Hill Coca Cola. In 1961, Sprite was given its current name and released in the United States. Just six years later, it was available in 39 countries. Today, Sprite is available in 190 countries and has released many flavors throughout the years. We set out to review each and every one of the Sprite flavors that have been released since Sprite's debut over 60 years ago in order to determine which is the best. We'll tell you which one was the worst Sprite flavor ever, too. While this is opinion-based, you can trust us. We are experts, after all.

Many of these Sprite varieties were never released in the United States, and it's interesting to see which flavors were offered and where over the years. The brand clearly works hard to adapt its flavor profile to the local tastes in different regions. If you like Sprite or soda in general, read on below to find out more about different Sprite flavors and learn which ones are worth a taste.

Green Tea Flavored Sprite

If you are local to the United States, you likely have not heard of green tea-flavored Sprite. This Chinese limited-edition Sprite variety tastes like a normal lemon-lime Sprite, but with the addition of green tea, according to Sinosplice. The reviewer at Crazy From Kong, notes that the green tea pairs nicely with the refreshing crisp of normal lemon-lime Sprite. While some reviewers seem to like it, we aren't so sure. 

While we know that green tea flavoring is very popular and present in a variety of products, we don't think this flavor would be for us. We like green tea. We like Sprite. But we aren't convinced we'd like them when mixed together. Something about the savoriness of green tea seems like it would be an odd match with Sprite. For this reason, this Sprite flavor lands at the bottom of our ranking. If you are a super fan of green tea, maybe this would be for you.

Sprite on Fire

Sprite on Fire was a ginger-infused flavor of Sprite that was introduced in China and Hong Kong back in 2003, according to Sprite Fandom. It is said to have a burning sensation and is sometimes referred to as "Sprite Finger Lemon," depending on where it is being consumed. Presumably, the name "Sprite Finger Lemon ” is a reference to the finger lemon fruit, which is known for its unusual shape. It's sometimes referred to as "Buddha's Hand", according to Hawaii Pharm.

While there are other Sprite flavor varieties with ginger, including Sprite Ginger and Zero Sugar Sprite Ginger, Sprite on Fire is known to have a very potent ginger flavor that can be very strong. Only the true ginger fans will like this one. Otherwise, it will likely have too strong of a burning sensation to enjoy. If you don't like ginger, this one is not for you.

Sprite Triple Chillin'

The restaurant chain Wingstop celebrated its 25th anniversary back in 2019 with six new wing flavors and the release of an exclusive soda, Sprite Triple Chillin', according to Fast Food Post. Wingstop released Dragon's Breath, Lemon Garlic, Mango Volcano, Bayou Barbecue, Atomic Barbecue, and Hot Lemon. During this anniversary celebration, Wingstop also released two new dips, Harissa Ranch Dip, Atomic Ranch Dip, and Lemon Parmesan Fries.

This partnership between Wingstop and Sprite seems to have been short-lived. If you were lucky enough to try this flavor at a Wingstop back in 2019, you might have had your only chance at trying this flavor. There is virtually no information online about the taste of this Sprite flavor, leaving us to assume it wasn't anything special. The triple in the name refers to a mix of three different limes and limeades, per Wingstop, but we have a hard time imagining how that would taste. Unless it gets rereleased, we'll never know.

Mix by Sprite: Tropic Berry

Mix by Sprite: Tropic Berry consists of regular lemon-lime Sprite mixed with strawberry, orange, berry, and pineapple fruit flavors, according to Coca-Cola Fandom. Boy, there sure are a lot of flavors going on in this one. It was a Mcdonald's-exclusive flavor that hit soda fountains in 2018.

The cloyingly sweet flavor of this drink is way too powerful. While we like sweet drinks, this one is like drinking pure cane syrup. We aren't fans. Not to mention, the confusing concoction of multiple types of fruit flavors is like an explosion in your mouth. It's very overwhelming and difficult to taste any one flavor. The mild acidity of the lemon-lime gets overwhelmed by the artificial candy taste of the tropic berry additives. Because of this reason, we've placed this flavor near the bottom of our list. We'd recommend you skip this one, as there are many other great Sprite flavors available.

Lebron's Mix

NBA star Lebron James has spent many years being a spokesperson for Sprite, appearing in many commercials and ads (via CBS Sports). Back in 2014, James partnered with Sprite to create his own flavor, according to Coca-Cola. This flavor was called Lebron's Mix (or 6 Mix, after James' jersey number 6). It contained cherry and orange flavors in addition to the normal lemon-lime taste of Sprite. In 2015, this flavor was brought back for a quick release, but it is no longer available, according to Sprite Fandom.

This flavor was popular and seemed to be enjoyed by fans. However, this overly fruity combination of cherry, orange, lemon, and lime was too overpowering for us. We didn't love the combination of all of these fruits together. While we love a blend of fruit if it's done right, this mix didn't come together in a pleasing way. Instead, we felt there were too many flavors going on.

Sprite Cool Mint

Sprite Cool Mint, which is offered in Asian countries including China and Taiwan, has the strongest mint flavor of the Sprite mint varieties. This one tastes so minty that you will actually taste more mint than lemon-lime flavor. This Sprite variety is found in bright blue cans and bottles with frost designs to really highlight the strong mint-forward flavor, according to RFT Pop Element.

If you love all things mint, this one might be the best Sprite flavor for you. However, for us, this isn't very appealing. The overpowering mint flavor is not our favorite when mixed with carbonation. One Twitter user described it as "like mentholatum or maybe a little like carbonated creme de menthe strained through a dirty sock." This combination tastes too medicinal for our liking, like drinking an Alka Seltzer or Vick's VapoRub. For us, we'll stick with the fruity flavors of Sprite from now on. But to each their own.

Lemon Mint

Sprite Lemon Mint is another minty variation of the Sprite formula. According to Lulu Hypermarket, it's made with natural flavors and has a crisp taste. If you are local to the United States, you might not be familiar with this variety of Sprite as it seems that it is exclusively sold in Pakistan. While it is difficult to get an understanding of what people think of this flavor, as there is not much information online, we think this one sounds like it would be the best out of the Sprite mint varieties. 

The picture of the mint leaf on the label gives us hope that the contents will have more of a mellow, natural mint flavor than the overwhelming toothpaste taste of Sprite Cool Mint. Not to mention, natural mint leaf flavors and citrus remind us a lot of our favorite cocktail combinations. Since we can't find a ton of info about this, we can't rank it super high, but it is intriguing.

Lemon Lime & Cucumber

Sprite's Lemon Lime & Cucumber flavor tastes of a mix of lemon-lime and a hint of cucumber essence. According to HypeBeast, this flavor was released in 2018 in the United Kingdom. The subtle flavor of cucumber is not overpowering, but instead very refreshing. Sprite Lemon Lime & Cucumber is reminiscent of something you would find to drink at a spa. We happen to love this flavor combination, but admittedly we love all things cucumber flavored. This seems like it would be great with a little splash of gin or vodka as a fun summer sipper.

Cucumber can be very divisive, so we know that this flavor may not be for everyone. However, according to the reviews on Home Tester Club, many people seem to love this flavor combination, calling it zesty, crisp, and refreshing. However, since vegetable-flavored soda won't be everyone's cup of tea, we're placing this near the middle of our list.

Cherry/ Zero Sugar Cherry

If there is one thing we know about food, it's that cherry-flavored products are super popular. According to Abelei, this is because there are many flavor profiles of cherries and they provide a uniquely identifiable flavor. People seem to love not only fresh cherries, but cherries in ice cream, candy, and of course, soda. According to Sprite's website, Sprite Cherry and Zero Sugar Sprite Cherry flavors are currently available in the United States.

If the Amazon reviews of Sprite Cherry are anything to go by, this flavor is a winner. Many reviewers love it and one even goes so far as to say that once you've had Sprite Cherry, it's hard to go back to regular Sprite. While we aren't fans of cherry flavor in general, we understand that many people are. For us, anything cherry flavored reminds us of cough syrup. However, true cherry fans will beg to differ.

Aruba Jam Sprite Remix

Aruba Jam Remix is the third and final flavor in the Sprite remix series. Aruba Jam Remix was released in the United States and Canada back in 2005 and quickly was discontinued and removed by 2006, according to Sprite Fandom. This flavor tasted of pineapple, coconut, orange, and strawberry, in addition to the classic lemon and lime flavor of Sprite. 

Ephemeral Noms says that this was the best flavor out of the three Sprite Remix flavors. We respectfully disagree. We found that this flavor was a little too overpowering, in our opinion. It gave off tropical vibes, which were appreciated, (who doesn't love a tropical beverage?), but also was a bit too pungent for our liking. If you remember the Sprite Remix flavors, which was your favorite? We think most people loved the Tropical Mix, which was brought back and is still available, but we were also fans of the Berryclear.

Berryclear Sprite Remix

Berryclear Sprite Remix is no longer available, but it used to be one of the three Remix flavors offered by Sprite, according to Coca-Cola Fandom. This flavor tasted of berry, lemon, and lime, per Bevmo. It was originally released during spring break in 2004, at Coca-Cola Beach in South Padre Island, according to Bevnet.

Although we can't buy it anymore, we used to love this flavor of Sprite. The combination of tastes was in no way overpowering. Instead, it was delightful. The addition of berry flavoring to a typical lemon-lime Sprite was just enough to be different, but not too much to be overwhelming. However, we might be one of the few that felt that way, as it was only on the market for a couple of years. The Tropical flavor from the Remix line has been revived, but it seems like Berryclear is not going to make a comeback. 

Sprite Lymonade

Calling all the lemonade fans: This one's for you. That includes us. We absolutely love lemonade. Name a better drink on a hot summer afternoon. We can't think of any better companion for fun in the sun than a lemon-lime lemonade with carbonation.

Sprite Lemonade, or Sprite Lymonade, is normal lemon-lime Sprite with a splash of lemonade, according to Delish. This flavor is currently available in the United States, per the Sprite website.

According to Amazon reviews, people have mixed feelings about this flavor. While most people love this flavor and even go so far as to say that it tastes better than a normal Sprite, some people say they can't quite taste the difference between Sprite Lymonade and Sprite. We don't feel that the lemonade flavor is that subtle. To us, the lemonade flavor shines through quite well. We personally love Sprite Lymonade and find it very refreshing, but there are more interesting flavors that we like even more.

Winter Spiced Cranberry/ Zero Sugar Winter Spiced Cranberry

According to Coca-Cola, Sprite made a holiday special edition flavor called Winter Spiced Cranberry that was available in regular and zero sugar versions. This flavor was originally released around the holiday season during 2019. It is only available during the winter holidays. This flavor tastes like the popular Sprite Cranberry but with the addition of warm spices.

According to Amazon reviews of this flavor, many people love this product. Reviewers note that with just a hint more spice than Sprite Cranberry, it makes a great beverage for the holiday season. The taste is reminiscent of cranberry sauce with a hint of mulled wine. Like many  Sprite flavors, this one comes in a sugar-free version so that those that are watching their sugar intake can still enjoy their favorite Sprite flavors. Instead of sugar, Zero Sugar Winter Spiced Cranberry contains aspartame (via Kroger).

Ginger/ Zero Sugar Ginger

Another current flavor sold by Sprite in the United States is Sprite Ginger, according to the Sprite website. This flavor is available in Regular and Zero Sugar, which is made with the sugar alternative aspartame like all other Sprite Zero Sugar varieties. This flavor tastes like a classic Sprite, but with a subtle hint of ginger. It is not overpowering like the other Sprite flavor that contains ginger, Sprite on Fire. Instead, it provides just a nice touch of spicy and peppery ginger that won't totally blow out your palate.

According to the review by The Impulsive Buy, this flavor tastes like Canada Dry Ginger Ale and lemonade. This sounds delightfully refreshing and just complex enough. We love that Sprite Ginger isn't trying to cram in too many flavors at once like some of the wilder fruit varieties. The balance between lemon, lime, and ginger is just right.

Peach/ Zero Sugar Peach

We'll admit it. We love all things peach-flavored. We may be completely biased judging on this one because if there is a peach flavor of any product, we will most likely be huge fans. Sprite Peach was available between the years 2018 and 2019, according to Soda Lovers Wiki Fandom. This flavor was also available in a Zero Sugar variety during those years. 

As you would expect, it tasted like normal lemon-lime Sprite mixed with peach flavoring. We feel that the sweetness and delicate, slightly floral taste of peach combined with the lemon and lime provided just the right complexity to be delicious. Because of this reason, we've placed Sprite Peach near the top of our ranking. We wish this flavor was still available today. It fulfilled our dreams of drinking peach gummy rings. If you typically don't like peach-flavored products, this one is probably not going to be your favorite.

Cranberry/ Zero Sugar Cranberry

Before the Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite flavor, Sprite would release Sprite Cranberry around the holiday season each year, according to The Soda Fandom. After 2018, Sprite decided to alter this flavor a bit and created Winter Spiced Cranberry. Sprite Cranberry was massively popular and the commercial, featuring an animated Lebron James saying "Wanna Sprite Cranberry?" became a popular meme. Sprite Cranberry was also available in Zero Sugar Cranberry, made with sugar alternative aspartame instead of sugar.

According to the reviews on Walmart, people find this flavor very tasty but are disappointed that it is only offered during the holiday season. Now that Sprite Cranberry has been reformulated to Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry, some consumers are rather disappointed that the original Sprite Cranberry is gone. We liked this flavor a lot and wish it would make a comeback. You never know, maybe it will. One can only hope.

Sprite Ice

If you are local to the United States, you probably haven't heard of Sprite Ice. Sprite has tried many versions of this combination of mint and lemon-lime. This one is similar to the two other mint varieties of Sprite that were released: Cool Mint and Lemon Mint, but Sprite Ice has just the slightest hint of mint, according to Sprite Fandom. It was available for a brief time in the U.S., but these days it's international-only.

This one gives off major spa vibes with the lemon, lime, and just the right amount of herbal mint flavor. We imagine it would be perfect to drink on a warm summer day while lounging by the pool, but only if you like mint. If you are not a fan of mint, this one may not be for you. If that's the case, we'd recommend you stick to the fruity or classic varieties.

Tropical Mix

Sprite Tropical Mix is one of the few Sprite flavors that are currently sold in the United States, according to the Sprite website. This flavor originally debuted in the early 2000s as part of the three Sprite Remix flavors, per Coca-Cola Fandom, but recently was brought back.

So what does it taste like? Sprite Tropical Mix tastes like a normal lemon-lime Sprite but with strawberry and pineapple flavors for a tropical kick. According to the reviews on Amazon, people seem to love this flavor, with reviews totaling 4.8 out of 5 stars. To be honest, we happen to love this one too. The combination of strawberry, pineapple, lemon, and lime leads to the ultimate fruity beverage. It's just the right number of flavors, avoiding the mistake of overloading your palate with confusing additives. We find it really refreshing and satisfying on a hot summer day. If you like fruity flavors, we think you will love this one. 

Lemon-Lime/ Zero Sugar Lemon-Lime

We'd be making a big mistake if we placed another flavor in the number one spot. This coveted position rightfully belongs to the original Lemon-Lime Sprite, also available in Zero Sugar. This flavor is a classic for a reason. It's a perfectly executed simple flavor that never disappoints.

According to Amazon reviews of the regular Sprite Lemon-Lime, people love that the flavor is refreshing and cool. One reviewer even notes that it has thick carbonation. Per the Amazon reviews of the Zero Sugar Lemon-Lime, fans enjoy this instead of water as it keeps you from getting thirsty but does not have the added sugar that would be worrisome if consumed all throughout the day. Additionally, people say the Zero Sugar Lemon-Lime Sprite tastes excellent and they love the zero sugar taste. Everyone loves the classic taste of Sprite. For this reason, we've placed the classic Lemon-Lime Sprite in the number one ranking.