Kristen Carli

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Scottsdale, AZ
University Of Arizona
Arizona State University
Health & Wellness, Plant-based Cooking, Recipe Development
  • Kristen Carli is a registered dietitian specializing in chronic disease management and prevention.
  • Kristen Carli is the owner of a blog, Mostly Green, where she has been creating and sharing healthy and delicious recipes since 2017.
  • Kristen Carli's recipes and insights on nutrition have been featured in many publications and blogs, where she serves as a trusted source for nutrition information for their readers.


Kristen Carli has always had a passion for nutrition, which culminated in 2018 when she graduated with honors from Arizona State University with her degree in nutrition and dietetics. After completing her clinical training and board exam, she earned the credential of registered dietitian and promptly started her business, Camelback Nutrition and Wellness, a private nutrition practice specializing in chronic disease prevention and management. She uses her expertise to help her clients achieve their nutritional goals and build good food habits that can last a lifetime. As part of her business, she has consulted with many major brands, food startups, and has been featured in several top-tier publications sharing her unique insight on nutrition and the culinary world.


As a registered dietitian, Kristen has achieved a bachelor's in nutrition and dietetics, completed a supervised clinical internship, and passed a rigorous board examination in order to earn her title. In addition, she is currently working on her master's in nutrition and functional medicine to further enhance her expertise in human nutrition.
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