Insomnia Cookies Just Brought Back Its Colorful St. Patrick's Day Box

Whether or not corned beef and cabbage is on the table or green beer is in the glass, St. Patrick's Day celebrations are meant to be filled with great food and good cheer. Many people don a vibrant shade of green to avoid being pinched, and there are always a few treats to be had around the table. While some may reach for a slice of Irish soda bread or even some Guinness ice cream to end a meal, there's another dessert option this year from Insomnia Cookies that should have sweets lovers feeling lucky.

For those unfamiliar, Insomnia Cookies has built its business on delivering warm, fresh cookies at all hours of the day. While a simple concept, it has a loyal following. Often requested by college students, that late-night cookie delivery has helped many people power through a tough study session. With a variety of flavors, including vegan options, the brand always has something tasty baking and isn't afraid to get creative with a holiday celebration.

What is the Insomnia Cookies St. Patrick's Day special?

According to Chew Boom, Insomnia Cookies will be offering its Lucky Lil' Dippers – 12 Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies served with green buttercream and Fancy Sprinkles — now through March 20, 2022. Whether the decadently verdant buttercream is used for dunking, making a cookie sandwich, or something else entirely (no judgments here), the festive dessert is sure to level up any reveler's St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

The special holiday offer comes on the heels of the Insomnia Cookies Spring Menu, which celebrates "Flour Power" and features bright citrus flavors, like Lemon Poppy Seed,  a zesty cookie with a hint of savory that seems to have everyone ready for the change of season. There's also a Hibiscus Berry Cookie that is vibrant in color and flavor, with sweetness from white chocolate chips and tartness from dried cranberries for a perfectly balanced bite. But, just like the rainbows (and any accompanying pots of gold) that fade after a rainstorm, these limited-edition cookies will be gone soon.