Reddit Is Panicked About The Fate Of Dunkin's French Cruller

Despite the fact that Dunkin' coffee drinks have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years — the chain sells about 2 billion hot and cold coffee beverages every year — it's no secret that the global breakfast brand is best known for its original star menu item: donuts. The fried delights come in a dizzying variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. There are the bite-sized Munchkins for when you want a quick snack, the massive apple fritter when you're feeling indulgent, and rows and rows of traditional donuts, like Boston cream, powdered sugar, and strawberry glazed with sprinkles.

One of the more unique Dunkin' donuts is the French cruller, which features a pinwheel shape, doughy center, and crunchy, sweet glaze. Dunkin' describes it as having an "egg-like" flavor, per the website. Compared to its original glazed and sprinkled counterparts, it has a smaller but just as devoted following. Unfortunately for those fans, there are rumors that the French cruller may be disappearing from Dunkin'. Here's what you need to know about the donut mystery that was sparked by a Reddit thread

The French Cruller is still on the menu, but hard to find

If you're craving a French cruller, you might be disappointed the next time you make a Dunkin' run. A recent Reddit post alarmed fans when it claimed that French crullers have been discontinued at the popular fast food chain. "I called multiple stores in NJ and confirmed," the original poster explained. Other customers also chimed in that they were having difficulty finding the swirled donuts in stores. Before you freak out, however, a few Redditors commented that the French crullers aren't gone completely — after all, they remain on the menu on Dunkin's website. Rather, many say the lack of donuts on the shelves is due to ongoing supply chain issues. "Right now there is a shortage of an ingredient that they put into the dough so they can't make any French cruller dough for the time being," one person said.

The French cruller isn't the only donut running out at Dunkin'. Another Reddit post from a few months ago revealed that apple fritters have also been in short supply. One Redditor on that post offered a helpful tip that could possibly also apply to French crullers: "If you are really jonesing for them just ask a store near you to order them."