Instagram Is Raining Hearts On Alex Guarnaschelli's Sweet Throwback Pic

Alex Guarnaschelli has her followers "oohing and ahhing" on Instagram. Whether delighted by a funny meme or intrigued by a tasty recipe, it's not the first time fans have gone wild for one of the "Chopped" star's posts.

However, Guarnaschelli is also revered for being family-oriented, which is actually how she got into the food industry. Her parents, who both shared a love for cooking, served as inspirations to her as she was starting off her culinary career.

Now, Guarnaschelli is a mom herself. Her teenage daughter Ava is sometimes featured on her Instagram account in pictures that fans can't seem to get enough of, particularly when Guarnaschelli posts relatable mom moments, like when Ava is telling her mother to "stop being annoying." But the sweet moments are captured as well between this mother-daughter duo. One example is the recent throwback picture that Guarnaschelli shared on her feed. Ava has both her mom and at least 40,300 of her million followers fawning over the photo. With 554 gushing comments so far, the post has certainly made an impact.

A mother-daughter bond has fans swooning

Guarnaschelli captioned a simple black-and-white picture of her holding a young Ava, "Me with Ava about 11 years ago #throwback." As you might imagine, Instagram went ga-ga over it. In the comment section, friends and fans are swooning over the pair and the sweet moment. "Top Chef" finalist Antonia Lofaso commented, "I love this," with two red heart emojis.

Other followers showered the duo with compliments like "What an absolutely beautiful picture of the bond between mother and child" and "What a beautiful picture to share. Very intimate but also so tender!!" The post also received a countless number of users commenting, "beautiful," describing both the pair and the moment.

Though their relationship has evolved over the years to include Ava being her mother's toughest food critic (which Alex explains to be nerve-wracking), they still share many heartwarming moments. This picture is a loving testament to that mother-daughter bond.