What Food You Should Pair Your Mike's Hard With, According To The Senior Brand Manager - Exclusive

It's common knowledge that the wrong cocktail can make or break a meal. The most well-known food and drink combinations include the classic red wine with steak or margaritas with tacos. However, with more new hard seltzers and fun flavors gaining popularity, you may be asking yourself what you are supposed to be eating with them? If your go-to drink is Mike's Hard Lemonade, then the company's Senior Brand Manager Liz Abello has the perfect answer for you.

Mike's Hard Lemonade currently has four drink lines for sale, with the newest being Mike's Hard Freeze. These '90s slushy flavors are intended to remind consumers of simpler times with maximum chill, per a press release sent to Mashed. And whether you reach for that option, or the original Mike's Hard Lemonade, Mike's Harder, or Mike's Hard Seltzer, any of these drinks can offer a summertime feel with the refreshing flavors. During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Abello explained what the brand recommends when asked about the best food pairing for Mike's portfolio. 

Mike's drinks are normally paired with summer barbecue foods

As you may have guessed, the association of the Mike's Hard Lemonade brand with warmer months leads many customers to drink it during the summer paired with outdoor meals like a good old-fashioned barbecue. "If you think about lemons, [they're] inherently associated with summer, but we do see consumers enjoying Mike's throughout the year," the company's Senior Brand Manager Liz Abello said, adding, "Mike's Hard Lemonade and Mike's Hard Freeze are great for any occasion! As we talk about Mike's Hard Lemonade specifically ... we see a ton of consumers [pairing it] with barbecue foods."

Which barbecue foods you may ask? Well, let your taste buds be the judge. Mike's Hard Lemonade's number-one selling product is the 12-bottle variety pack with flavors that can include black cherry, strawberry, mango, and more. Although, Abello's favorite flavor is the original. One can only assume how delicious those drinks would be with some freshly-grilled burgers and hot dogs.

Now that Mike's Hard Freeze lineup has introduced Blue Freeze, Red Freeze, Pink Freeze, and White Freeze flavors, fans can take it upon themselves to see which is the best food pairing this summer. Abello is "excited to see what consumers decide to pair Freeze with," and so are we! 

Visit the Mike's Hard website to find the nearest location where you can enjoy Hard Freeze and the rest of the Mike's Hard summer lineup.