Why Bobby Flay's Burger Chain Might Soon Come To A City Near You

Are you tired of watching Bobby Flay create one delectable dish after another when you don't get to taste a single one for yourself? Yes, the temptation to lick the television screen can get overwhelming at times — especially if you reside in one of those sleepy towns whose idea of a gourmet night out is forgoing the giant golden arches for a hot turkey sandwich with a snowball-like mound of mashed taters on the side. While there's nothing wrong with the down-home cooking at the greasy spoon, your more-sophisticated-than-most palate longs for the finely-crafted flavors that only a celebrity chef can concoct. You crave the creations of Bobby Flay. In fact, you want one of Bobby's burgers. 

Thanks to Flay's plans to expand his Bobby's Burgers brand, you may see this purveyor of heavenly hamburgers come to a neighborhood — or at the very least, a few hours' drive — near you. Finally, you will be able to taste something that bears Mr. Flay's iconic name. 

Bobby's Burgers is expanding in several markets

Until now, the only place to find a Bobby's Burgers outlet was in New York City's Yankee Stadium or on the Las Vegas strip. Everyone else was simply out of luck. That may be about to change. As Flay tells Fast Casual, the company is planning franchise growth, including the spread to Charlotte, North Carolina; Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Toronto, Ontario. That's exciting news for foodies across the country and in the Great White North. 

With seven burger varieties on the menu — including potato chip-inspired Crunchburgers, the blue-cheese smothered Bobby Blue + Bacon Burger, the egg-filled Brunch Burger; and the Jalapeno-boasting Nacho Burger, just to name a few — you are sure to find one to whet your appetite. You can even wash it down with a milkshake in an array of flavors like pistachio, dark chocolate, or cookies and cream. 

Admittedly, Bobby won't likely be whipping up your actual burger, but you can take solace in the fact that it comes straight from the mind of the brilliant chef himself. Flay's partner in Bobby's Burgers, Laurence Kretchmer, reminds consumers that Bobby has handcrafted the entire menu, and people are really able to taste the flavors he has infused in every bite. It's almost as if Bobby was in the kitchen preparing it for you with his own hands. And, if you are lucky enough to live in or near one of these towns, your days of licking the TV screen are finally over.