Survey Reveals Surprising Percentage Of People Don't Eat Ice Cream

It's hard to imagine life without ice cream. Mm. Ice cream. Whether you like your cones waffled or sugar-coated (or both) or you prefer a generous bowlful, nothing beats this cool and refreshing treat on a warm summer's day. Yes, ice cream fans will even tolerate the occasional brain freeze for a delectable lick of this sweet creamy concoction. The only thing better than that first taste is standing in front of the cooler, choosing which flavors will make up your precariously balanced, towering creation. Ice cream is, after all, a universal favorite. Or is it? 

America is the second-largest consumer of ice cream in the world with 20.8 liters devoured per capita each year. Despite these impressive numbers, one recent study reveals that not everyone is a fan of this frosty food item. Who on earth could have a dislike for this tasty treat sought out by small children, grown adults, and hairy dogs, alike? You might be surprised to learn what a YouGovAmerica poll says about your fellow Americans' ice cream-ingesting habits. 


It turns out that a love of ice cream isn't universal

This survey reveals that 7% of respondents don't eat ice cream and 17% only eat it when the weather is warm. Interestingly, women are much more likely to head down to their local Baskin-Robbins in January with 74% of women (and only 63% of men) consuming ice cream year-round. The people who are most likely to eat ice cream, no matter what their calendar says, are more likely to live in the Midwest (75%), with the smallest percentage hailing from the West (61%). 

More Republicans claim to not eat ice cream (7%) than Democrats (5%), while those who identify as Independents are the least likely to eat ice cream, with 8% abstaining. Seniors are the most avid fans of this dairy dessert with 77% of those aged 55+ eating it year-round, while those 18 to 24 sit at a mere 59%. Surprisingly, income levels did not seem to have a noticeable impact on ice cream consumption at all. 

When Americans do like ice cream, what are their favorite flavors? According to Newsweek, chocolate is the winner with 17% of the votes, while vanilla comes in second with 15%. Strawberry, butter pecan, and mint chocolate chip all tied for third place with 8% of the votes. Whether you like your ice cream chocolate, orange, vanilla, or rainbow, you are likely craving a triple scoop right now. So, ignore what your calendar is telling you as there is no time for a mountainous cone like the present.