The Best Ways To Use Pillsbury's Funfetti Donut Mix

Pillsbury's Funfetti cake is one of those desserts that has legions of devoted fans. The Takeout describes the boxed mix as producing a "tooth-achingly sweet vanilla cake." But the outlet seems to forget about the secret ingredient that makes this cake especially tasty: nostalgia. "In the 1990s, to have a successful birthday party, you had to beg your mom for Funfetti cake," cookbook author and food blogger Molly Yeh told The New York Times.

Because the colorful dessert was such a staple at '90s celebrations, when millennials see modern bakeries putting their spin on the nostalgic dessert, we kindly ask them to take all of our money. Christina Tosi, who founded Milk Bar in 2008, can probably thank the avocado toast-eating generation for the popularity of her infamous Birthday Cake, which is soaked in clear vanilla extract and whole milk to keep it moist and to replicate the flavor of Pillsbury's boxed mix, per Food Network

Dessert's like Tosi's are not only delicious, but they also make for eye-catching content on social media. In 2016, "users 25 to 34 years old have saved 260% more Funfetti ideas on Pinterest than the year before," according to the Times. Pillsbury has joined in on this virtual rainbow-themed fun and created Funfetti accounts on Instagram and TikTok for sharing recipes and decorating ideas.

These sprinkle-filled creations have Instagram and TikTok swooning

When marketing its Funfetti donut mix, Pillsbury probably didn't have a tough time reaching its target audience. Millennials are all over Instagram and TikTok, even though Gen Z is trying to kick us out for being "old" and "cheugy." 

But Pillsbury knows what it's doing and is making us all drool at work with eye-catching recipes and decorating ideas. In March, the company created — and subsequently gave away — a giant Funfetti donut, made in a bundt pan to get the correct shape. "Whoever makes these videos is a straight up GENIUS," commented one fan. 

And on TikTok, around St. Patrick's Day, Pillsbury employees decorated Funfetti donuts with a rainbow made out of what look like Fruity Pebbles for a true taste of childhood. "I'd sell my left arm for this," commented one fan. In another TikTok, the company set yet another virtual trap for Gen Z and millennials by decorating its donuts with a tie-dye glaze. "Funfetti this is fire," commented one user.