The Pioneer Woman's Daughter Alex Pokes Fun At 'Innocent' Image

Ree Drummond's eldest daughter, Alex Drummond Scott, has come a long way since she first appeared on her mother's TV show when she worked as a ranch hand as a teenager. She has since graduated from Texas A&M University and married now-husband Mauricio Scott, whom she met at a sorority party at the college (via Brides of Oklahoma). According to The Pioneer Woman Blog, as of June 2021, Alex and Mauricio were living in Dallas, with Alex periodically commuting to Oklahoma to lend a hand once again to, perhaps the world's best boss, her mom. Her contributions are far beyond a ranch hand now and include videography, photography, and marketing skills as part of "The Pioneer Woman" production team.

Ree Drummond has cultivated a wholesome brand with "The Pioneer Woman," one centered around ranch life, home cooking, football, family, and basset hounds, so it's no surprise Alex developed an 'innocent' image as she grew up in the spotlight. However, she's not above poking a little fun at the public's good-girl perception of her, as is evident from a recent TikTok video during which she reveals her favorite cuss word.

Alex keeps it PG when it comes to cussing

The fact that Alex Drummond Scott has an innocent image isn't lost on her, and given her good sense of humor, she knows how to poke fun at herself. The Pioneer Woman's daughter recently took to TikTok to emulate the viral interview with Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove in which the actress admits, "I actually do cuss a little." When asked what her favorite cuss word is, Cosgrove shocks the audience with the f-bomb.

In Alex's version, however, she says her favorite cuss word is "probably crap." The video's caption provides more insight into her watered down choice of preferable swear words, stating, "when the majority of your social media following knows you as the innocent little homeschooled, country girl..."

Fans flooded the comment section with plenty of LOLs and crying-laughing emojis. One user said they weren't so sure Alex was going to drop the PG version of the swear, writing, "Alex you had me worried for a second there." Another chimed in "@thepioneerwoman come get your daughter!" And a third pointed out that cursing is sometimes an occupational hazard of the life Alex was raised in, stating, "But true ranchers know other ranchers cuss."

Still, we can't help but wonder if "crap" was the word Alex Drummond used when the weather nearly ruined her wedding day.