Giada De Laurentiis' Favorite Aroma Is Totally Relatable

As a consummate chef who is constantly surrounded by the heavenly scents of her own cooking, one would think that Giada De Laurentiis would find it difficult to pinpoint her favorite aroma. After all, as an Emmy award-winning host of "Everyday Italian" and a collection of other Food Network shows, an author of many best-selling cookbooks, a successful restaurateur, and a judge on several culinary series, De Laurentiis regularly inhales the savory and spicy scents of authentic Italian cuisine. Yes, her nose is likely a very happy camper. 

So what, exactly, is this accomplished celebrity chef's favorite fragrance? Could it be the scent of freshly cut herbs, the aroma of melted chocolate, or the heavenly smell of cinnamon buns in the oven? Maybe it isn't food-related at all. Perhaps, she prefers a whiff of her favorite perfume, a fresh-cut flower, or fresh gasoline at the pumps (It's a real thing. Forbes says 70% of electric car buyers say they would miss the smell of gas).

Does De Laurentiis favor one of these scents or does she prefer something else completely? 

Giada De Laurentiis' nose is happiest in a bakery

According to Ranker, the top five smells are cookies from the oven, after it rains, freshly baked bread, vanilla, and cinnamon rolls. The Daily Mail's list is slightly different, listing freshly baked bread in the top spot followed by bacon, freshly cut grass, coffee, and cakes baking in the oven. And Cosmopolitan claims the most preferred scents are cookies fresh out of the oven, melting chocolate, "boy" smell (whatever that is. Doesn't it depend on the boy?), coffee brewing, and grass immediately after it is mowed. 

So what is Giada De Laurentiis' favorite smell? (Insert drum roll). According to The Recipe, her favorite scent "in the entire world is apparently the smell of baking bread." This popular choice echoes the views of many nose-owners across the nation and around the globe. Whether she prefers the smell of her sourdough recipe or a loaf from her local bakery, the aroma of freshly baked bread can surely get the mouth watering, which is something the smell of gasoline could never do.