Bobby Flay Says You Should Always Have These Two Foods In Your Pantry

What do you always keep in the kitchen? Some people have spices they swear by, while others have a favorite snack they consistently stock in the pantry. Basic ingredients you should always have on hand include things like olive oil, garlic, flour, and lemons — but chefs, of course, have their own opinions about kitchen must-haves. Alex Guarnaschelli, for example, firmly believes that you should always keep beans and lentils in your pantry. And if you're wondering what Bobby Flay's pantry staples include, he talked about this very subject in a recent episode of his podcast with his daughter Sophie, "Always Hungry."

In an episode about planning meals, the Flay duo talked about tips and tricks for everything from meal prep and grocery shopping to one of Bobby Flay's favorite big-batch recipes, chicken soup. Flay also revealed two ingredients you should always store in your pantry: rice and pasta. There's a good chance you have one or both of these foods already, but if you don't, here's why he thinks you should.

Rice and pasta can be turned into so many meals

Since rice and pasta have a long shelf life and can form the base of a lot of different meals, it's not a surprise that Bobby Flay would keep these ingredients in his kitchen. On the podcast, he told his daughter, "Anything that you have in your refrigerator, if it finds pasta and rice, you can make it taste delicious." As for suggestions, he had arroz con pollo, or Puerto Rican chicken and rice, on the brain. He also told Sophie that she could prep any chicken dish, such as chicken milanese, and use the leftovers to make a salad or sandwich for lunch the next day. This leftovers advice presumably extends to rice and pasta, as well.

If you're planning to meal prep, making a big batch of rice is an easy way to get your grains in, and there's a simple trick to reheating rice in the microwave with an ice cube. Just make sure that you refrigerate it promptly and reheat it sufficiently, as improperly stored leftover rice could lead to food poisoning. And if you prefer pasta, know that Flay would likely approve of any combination that efficiently uses leftovers and whatever is in your pantry. For an extra chef-like touch, though, you could also stock up on the pre-made sauce Bobby Flay swears by.