Chef Jair Téllez's Tips For Better Home Tequila Tastings - Exclusive

Keeping a bottle of tequila in your home bar might be a handy thing to do for those who enjoy making the occasional margarita or paloma, but chances are, the average home bartender doesn't set up a tequila tasting at home every day. That's why Mashed asked Patrón partner and renowned chef Jair Téllez for a few of his favorite tips for creating a tequila tasting experience at home. 

"First of all, realize why are you doing the tasting," Téllez explained. "Is it for fun, or is it to really want to have a very [formal] approach? That's how I would do it. Sometimes, at home, it can be something not so technical and more around the experience and what people share with people," he said. But once you know what you want your taste testers to take from the experience, you can focus on setting the scene for the best event. 

"Maybe it's worth creating some sort of canvas that can be some food that's related to the particular [tequila] that would do those things and create the ambiance, because [technically], these things can be challenging when you don't have that," Téllez explained. "I don't have that. I'm a cook," he admitted. But that's what makes his advice so accessible for home tastings. 

Choose several different tequilas

Many people might not have the resources or technical knowledge to set up an elaborate or extensive tequila tasting at home, and Chef Jair Téllez admits that it's not his particular area of expertise, either. But his advice of determining what it is you want to take from the experience and setting a fun atmosphere both hold up no matter what you serve. Fortunately, the chef also has a tip for what to look for when considering your tasting options.

"I'm not a sommelier nor an expert in tasting, so I go more around creating the ambiance, creating the canvas, creating the conditions for people to enjoy," he explained. To that effect, Téllez noted that you should select several different tequilas — variety can make any tasting interesting, even if there aren't many samples. "It's always fun to try [things] from different producers and different grape yards from way different altitudes and relate what you taste to the information you have," he said. So even if you're just holding a casual event at your home, try selecting three or four different brands, qualities, or even finishes of tequila the next time you shop for a tasting.

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