TikTok's New 'Pizza Eggs' Trend Will Change The Way You Make Breakfast

Pizza and breakfast have always made strange bedfellows. Whether you're reheating a pepperoni slice from last night or just eating a slice of meat lover's cold from the box, pizza has somehow found a way into the small, but appreciated world of unconventional breakfast foods. And some people aren't afraid to explore adding the dinner pie into traditional breakfast staples. You could, for example, spend a morning whipping up a "breakfast pizza" per The Country Cook's recipe, which combines scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and country gravy. But, if making a breakfast imitation of the real deal isn't your style, you could also try "pizza eggs."

It may sound weird, but rest assured it's a bit different than what you may be picturing. There's no putting a hard-boiled egg on your veggie pizza, nor will this be a pizza rolled up into the shape of an egg. Instead, according to TikTok, it's a way to turn your leftover slices into a cheesy, saucy, fluffy egg bake, perfect for that weekend wakeup meal.

Pizza eggs are basically upgraded scrambled eggs

In a TikTok video, creator Shay Spence — a "professional eater and traveler" — demonstrates just how to make pizza eggs. First, Spence chops leftover pizza slices into small cubes before adding them to a skillet. He then adds a few large heaping drops of spaghetti sauce into the pan, stirring the pizza chunks until they are equally coated and the chunks are "caramelized." Spence proceeds to blend two eggs together in a blender, adding them into the skillet and stirring with the pizza squares in the same way you would prepare regular scrambled eggs. The end result is eggs flavored with pizza toppings, cheese, and sauce. Followers were both amazed and impressed by this unconventional combination.

"I'm the type of person that would just eat a slice of pizza for breakfast ... This is super creative!" raved one person. "I learned this from you awhile ago and it's honestly my new fav thing do NOT sleep on this folks," proclaimed another.

According to FOX News, the highest viewed "pizza egg" recipe belongs to content creator Elyse Myers. While Myers' video doesn't include using leftover pizza, she instead prepares her eggs with pre-cooked chicken, pepperoni, and red pepper to give it that familiar pizza taste. Myers also tagged Gordon Ramsay in the video to see his reaction, although the famously foul-mouthed chef hasn't responded as of yet.