The Cookbook That's Made For Modern Family Viewers

It has been two whole years since teary-eyed "Modern Family" fans bid a final farewell to the Pritchett family in all their whacky, but lovable splendor. With 22 Emmy wins over the course of the popular sitcom's 11 seasons, it has been a favorite among critics and fans alike. Whether you are particularly fond of the clown-fearing, magic-loving, but always optimistic Phil; the wise-beyond-his-years, dressing gown-wearing Manny; the overly dramatic, big-hearted Cam; or another member of this endearing clan, reruns can only do so much to quell your symptoms of "Modern Family" withdrawal. 

Thankfully, there is another way to immerse yourself in the marvelous mayhem and sizable servings of love that the Pritchetts dish up so well. "The Modern Family Cookbook" invites you to step into your favorite character's kitchen, summon your inner Claire, Mitchell, Gloria, Jay or whomever, and lose yourself in this quirky, suburban tribe once again. And this is not your run-of-the-mill cookbook, either.

This book gives fans a look at inside Phil's brain

Boasting 100 character-themed recipes, including breakfasts, mains, drinks, and desserts, even a stranger to the show (do these people really exist?), will find something to tickle their taste buds. With fare like Mitchell's All-White-Meat Chicken Shawarma, Luke and Phil's Doughnut Waffle Sundaes, Manny's Girlfriend's Salted Chocolate Milk, and Alex's Brain Food Energy Bars, the recipe book also has menus for holiday dishes, dates nights, and more (per This Geek Loves Food). And, thanks to recipes that capture "Modern Family's" most memorable moments such as Jay's Sloppy Jays, Claire's Spooky Pumpkin Cheese Ball with Crudités, Gloria's Carnitas al Diablo, and Phil's Traditional First-Day-of-School Pancakes (per Goodreads), you will find yourself really reminiscing while you cook. 

This cookbook is more than a mere collection of recipes, however,. According to Eater, fans can have a look inside Phil's brain, revisit the show's biggest cake catastrophes, and find out which "Modern Family" parent they most resemble. You can even find out what to do when your guests won't leave, read some of Manny's finest odes, learn Lily's advice on how to be a diva, and discover what makes a perfect mother in Jay's eyes. Chock-full of pictures, quotes, and funny moments, this is truly an homage to one of America's most beloved fictional families. And it is the perfect antidote to the "there's-no-more-Modern-Family" blues.