Why New York Water Could Be The Key To Better Pizza

Everyone knows that there's no pizza like New York pizza, with its not too thin, not too thick crust, and its ability to fold in half for easier consumption. This style of pizza originated in the 1900s and while it's often attempted to be replicated outside of New York, some believe that the city's pizza reigns supreme over all others (via Spoon University). But why is New York pizza so delicious? One theory states that it's the city's tap water that makes all the difference, especially in the flavor and the texture of its crust. 

Food & Wine states that New York's tap water is undoubtedly one of a kind. But, does it really make that much of an impact on the texture of the city's famous bagels and pizza? The water that's used to make these desired foods comes from the NYC watershed, which is located in the southeastern parts of the state, and much of it is collected from natural occurrences such as snow and rain. The way from the NYC watershed to the residents' homes is a long one, as Food & Wine reports that it takes "anywhere from 12 weeks to a year" for the water to travel through the pipes. On its way, the water picks up numerous minerals and trace elements such as calcium, fluorine, and chlorine.

New York water and hours of practice are key to great pizza

New York City's water is deemed "soft water," which means that it contains low doses of magnesium and calcium (per Food and Wine). Soft water has a slightly saltier taste than hard water, and it affects the gluten protein in the pizza dough in a different manner. While hard water strengthens the gluten, soft water makes it softer and more pliable. Per Spoon University, water is the main ingredient in making pizza, so it only makes sense that the taste and composition of the water must impact the pizza.

But is this soft water the only reason for making New York pizza as delicious and unique as it is? There could be another reason altogether, and the theory is that the pizza makers of New York are simply more knowledgeable and have tons of practice, meaning, it's the people, not the water, that might be the key to better pizza (via WNYC). 

Washington Square News reports that there are skeptics, but most pizza makers across the U.S. agree that New York water is the key to making the best pizza dough. If you'd like to test this theory yourself, there's a company called New York WaterMaker which sells a specially-designed water filter, claiming it can replicate New York's water (via The Takeout). However, if you're in the city and just want to have a hot and cheesy slice, this is the best pizza place in New York.