DiGiorno's Latest Line Of Pizzas Is Inspired By Breakfast Staples

Cronuts, Croissushi, Croissan'Wiches, tacros - the croissant hype might have gotten a touch out of hand over the last few years. Although when the frozen pizza brand DiGiorno decided in 2020 that it, too, would jump on the croissant-everything wagon by releasing a line of pies with a croissant crust (via People), some consumers greeted it with wide-open arms. "The new (ish) Croissant Crust Digiorno pizza is the greatest oven pizza to ever exist," declared thrilled user super_hitops on Reddit. "I am a pizza [connoisseur] and while the meats aren't perfection like everything digiorno, the crust is better than any style I've ever had, save donato's cracker crust," claimed another.

The crust, inspired by the butter-filled flakiness of a croissant, was found by super_hitops to come out perfectly even when baked for a little too long, and with just the right amount of melty cheese at that. In a different Reddit thread, someone found that even though the croissant crust "in absolutely no way resembles the taste or texture of a croissant," it's still lighter than the usual pizza dough.

Safe to say, some people thought DiGiorno was on to something here. People magazine at the time even embraced an Instagram user's suggestion to offer a breakfast-inspired croissant crust pizza. And, lo and behold, DiGiorno did, too! Two years later, the brand has added more options to its croissant crust line, and this time, they are all inspired by breakfast staples (via Brand Eating)!

Breakfast croissants with a saucy pizza makeover

According to Brand Eating, DiGiorno has three new croissant crust pizzas that are inspired by three different breakfast classics. The Cinnamon Roll Croissant Crust Pizza comes with cinnamon cream slathered onto a flaky croissant crust, with cinnamon flakes, cream cheese crumbles, and churro pieces on top. The Eggs Benedict Inspired Croissant Crust Pizza is made with a hollandaise-style sauce as well as cheddar, mozzarella cheese, scrambled eggs, and diced ham in toppings. The third version is a Sausage & Gravy Croissant Crust Pizza with a gravy-style sauce, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese.

Months before the items officially dropped, some Reddit users voiced their excitement to see the new DiGiorno croissant crust breakfast pizzas. "This is ridiculous. I want it," wrote one. A couple of others seemed eager to snatch the cinnamon roll option off the shelves. The 1-pound pizzas will go for about $9.29 each — although the exact prices may vary — and can be found in frozen sections of certain stores starting in April. Though, at least one Instagram user found DiGiorno's new Eggs Benedict Inspired Croissant Crust Pizza as early as February at Kroger.