Don't Miss This Step When Baking Brownies

What's craved by chocolate lovers, sweet tooths, and all those looking to brighten their day? The fudgy, chewy, chocolate-filled treat known as brownies. We all have a favorite type, whether it's a special-occasion sweet from a local pastry shop or a brownie recipe we've perfected over many years. Cherished for its versatility, this dessert can be prepared with unconventional health foods (like sweet potatoes and black beans!) and hacks for making boxed brownie mix taste homemade, such as using creative toppings or additional spices.

The best part, though, is that baking brownies can feel like therapy, and it starts the moment you preheat the oven. Meditating on the way the butter, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, and other ingredients combine can alleviate stress, followed by calming effects when you pour the batter into a pan and watch the brownies grow in the oven. However, the magic of this moment (and your hunger) can easily drive you to commit common brownie mistakes. In order to avoid a disappointing bite, be sure to read the recipe carefully, use quality ingredients, and...sift your flour!

Sifting the flour will give your brownies a better texture

According to Real Simple, sifting your flour before you incorporate it into your brownie batter creates "a fluffier, softer, and more even texture." You can even take this hack a step further by sifting the cocoa powder, too, so both dry ingredients combine more thoroughly with the wet ones. How does this work? Kitchn explains that sifting incorporates air into the flour, giving it a lighter texture, and prevents any chunky bits from falling into your smooth batter and making it heavy. Sifting is an especially good idea when you have older flour or unrefined flour. The finer the flour, the better the brownie.

Still wondering why you would want airier brownies? The result of sifting your flour is a more delicate and consistent brownie with a better rise to hold an ice cream scoop on top (or two?). Plus, this step might also help you measure the flour more accurately since it will be less packed and lumpy, which is quite helpful advice for most baked goods! We bet there is a sifter in your kitchen just waiting to be used — and if you don't have one, you can use a whisk instead. Grab the useful tool to give your palate the best brownie it has ever tasted (and keep your soul yearning for another baking session that makes your home smell like chocolate).