The Sweet Memorial Mural In Ree Drummond's Ice Cream Shop

Ree Drummond is quite the dog lover, with a total of seven living on her Oklahoma ranch. Four of her dogs are basset hounds, which the celebrity chef clearly has a soft spot for.

"The Pioneer Woman" host states on her website that she has always loved the breed, as she had grown up with the hound dogs her entire life. Furthermore, the first dog that she took in with her husband was a basset hound, making them extremely special in the Drummond household. However, that isn't to say that she has any less love for her other four-legged friends, which include two yellow labrador retrievers and a German shepherd.

The Drummond dogs are super involved on the Food Network star's ranch. From taking sunset walks with their mom to "helping" her feed the cattle — the pups are truly family members (via NewsBreak). So it's not much of a surprise that Drummond has a hidden tribute to one of her late furry friends in her ice cream shop, Charlie's Sweet Shop, in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Ree Drummond's ice cream shop is named after her late pup

Charlie's Sweet Shop, which is owned by the Food Network show host, sells both ice cream and candy. Not only is it a great place to stop for visitors with a sweet tooth, but it also shares its name with Charlie, Drummond's late basset hound.

"Charlie the Ranch Dog," was frequently featured on the chef's Instagram, and was known for his big personality. Along with the shop being named after the pup, some of the shop's menu items pay tribute to Drummond's ranching life, such as "Wild about Berries" and "Road to The Ranch," (via Yelp). But what is most notable about the store is the touching mural it has displayed for customers to remember Charlie's big, adventurous life. The mural shows a basset hound with long floppy ears and an ice cream cone planted on his head. Below the picture reads the text, "In memory of Charlie, the ultimate sweetheart."

So not only can patrons enjoy a tasty treat at Drummond's establishment, but they can also remember the sweet life of the dog who shares the shop's namesake.