Fans Are Loving Ree Drummond's Dog For This Endearing Habit

While Ree Drummond is known for cooking up delicious food, fans of The Pioneer Woman can also expect plenty of posts about her family and life on the farm. These glimpses of Drummond's life make her extra relatable to viewers, and Instagram couldn't stop talking about the relatable selfie where she points out the dog slobber on her coat.

Though the dogs weren't anywhere to be seen in that particular photo, Drummond has also made sure to show off her pets. A post on The Pioneer Woman blog showed that as of June 2020, she had seven dogs, who were described as "the cutest helpers on Drummond Ranch." We've seen two of her basset hounds enjoying the morning sun and a dog jumping up on her lap. Now, we're seeing just how much her dog Lucy loves Drummond.

In a recent Instagram post, Drummond included a video of Lucy, a yellow lab, walking next to her in a field. In the caption, she explains that the other dogs are up ahead and running around, but Lucy is "never ever leaves my side." Unsurprisingly, fans thought that this was absolutely adorable.

What are fans saying about Ree Drummond's dog?

Instagram users have a lot of compliments to shower onto the cute pet pics that fill their feeds, and this was no different for Ree Drummond's dog. On Drummond's post about Lucy, fans commented on the gorgeous sunset in the background as well as how loyal yellow labs are. They rained such praise as "Yellow labs are great dogs! Beautiful sunset!!" and "What a good girl."

One person said, "I'm so thankful for pets," and it looks like other people have dogs that like to slow stay close. "My German Shepard, Sirus, stays by my side too," said a user. The post also grabbed the attention of fellow celebs like Sunny Anderson and HGTV's Jasmine Roth, who both left plenty of heart-eyed emojis.

Though Drummond often shares her love of dogs on Instagram, they aren't the only animals she posts about. Recently, Drummond uploaded a video of her cat running across a frozen pond. A number of fans are related to having a reckless cat and shared their own fearless feline stories.