Everything You Need To Know About Panera's New Unlimited Sip Club

Panera is offering fans another way to stay hydrated this summer. The popular cafe chain has just announced it will be kicking off its new Unlimited Sip Club program, just in time for the warm weather. While Panera is no stranger to unlimited drinks subscription programs, this new beverage subscription will include more items than ever before, all for just $10.99 per month.

In 2020, Panera offered free unlimited coffee when it originally launched a coffee subscription program that gave fans the chance to get their fill and refills of coffee for $9 per month, according to Business Insider. By simply signing up through their MyPanera loyalty program, customers could order as much hot coffee, iced coffee, and hot tea as they liked. And now, the company has decided to expand on that subscription service by adding not just coffee but all of the self-serve beverages, to a new subscription, the Unlimited Sip Club, according to a press release.

Unlimited Sip Club members can receive unlimited drinks for one monthly price

This new and improved self-serve beverage subscription will now include a total of 26 beverages all for one monthly subscription price of $10.99. Customers can register online or through the mobile app to receive unlimited drinks every two hours as well as unlimited refills in-store. Members of the Unlimited Sip Club can purchase hot and iced coffee, as well as hot and iced tea, lemonade, all fountain drinks, and their brand new Charged Lemonades. These lemonades, which get their caffeine kick from plant-based sources like guarana and green coffee extract, are available in three different refreshing, fruity flavors: Strawberry Lemon Mint, Fuji Apple Cranberry, and Mango Yuzu Citrus (via Chew Boom).

Panera has already started generating some buzz about their newly inclusive Unlimited Sip Club on social media, and it seems that plenty of fans are excited about the news. "Eee! As a huge fan of the agave lemonade, THANK YOU FOR THIS!" one person raved on Instagram, while another celebrated "Yes!! I am so excited for this!" And that is not the only good news Panera has for their customers. The chain has also announced that any interested customers who sign up for the Unlimited Sip Club from now until May 6th will receive a free subscription through July 4, so fans who want to savor these drinks and save money might want to sign up sooner rather than later, per PR Newswire.