Yolanda Gampp Reveals The Novelty Cake She Is Most Proud Of From How To Cake It - Exclusive

If YouTube is your favorite pastime, then you likely know of Yolanda Gampp. The "How To Cake It" star is notorious for pushing the boundaries when it comes to baked good recipes. Whether it be giant cakes or fancy desserts, Gampp is the ultimate guide to baking your best. In fact, her new book, "Layer Up!" is just her latest passion project that contains her famous "stuffed cake" recipes (aka cakes filled with your favorite desserts) — there's even a cake made with key lime pie that's included in the mix.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, the "Crime Scene Kitchen" judge talked about all things cake, gave a sneak peek of her new cookbook, and explained why baking is her biggest passion. Gampp went on to express the gratitude she feels for the success of "How To Cake It," and the one dessert creation that she is the most proud of from the series. The answer might surprise you, as Gampp herself mentioned it isn't "the flashiest, brightest, most fun-looking cake on [her] channel."

Yolanda's all-time favorite cake is her roasted Thanksgiving turkey creation

Yolanda Gampp, also known as the "Queen of Cakes," explained that her roasted Thanksgiving turkey dessert is her favorite. It may not be life-size as many of her other creations are, but she said, "That is the one cake that, no matter how many times I see a picture of it, I wouldn't change a thing." The entire process is not displayed online, for obvious reasons, but she revealed to Mashed that the whole cake took over three hours just to carve out the turkey shape. The YouTuber said the free form creation was unlike her usual projects that are measured and calculated.

Gampp further explained the hardships behind making the cake, and shared, "I kept carving and carving, and as I was making the cake, my brain was saying, 'What did you get yourself into? You can't do this.' I had no model. I was looking at pictures." Yet, the artist persevered by getting creative with the materials she had, like using shelf liner to texture the fondant to look like turkey skin. Genius.

Gampp's mentality was nothing short of determined when it came to this Thanksgiving turkey dessert creation. As she explained, "I can see it so clearly in my mind and I will do anything to get there. That's really difficult with cakes because, at the end of the day, you're trying to control food and sometimes it doesn't want to be controlled."

Visit Yolanda's website to pre-order "Layer Up!" and try new cake recipes.