IHOP's New Breakfast Option Features An Extra Dose Of Protein

We've all heard it a million times — breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What we don't hear nearly as often, however, is the importance of having a breakfast packed with lots of protein. Not only does protein keep you feeling full longer, says Healthline, it can help build and repair muscles.

Fortunately, plenty of popular breakfast foods already contain protein. For example, eggs, turkey bacon, pork sausage, Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese are all high in the essential nutrient (via Eat This, Not That!). You can also add protein powder to porridge, pancakes, and waffles to increase your intake.

While many breakfast-serving restaurants already offer foods that naturally contain protein, chains like IHOP are taking it to the next level. Yes, you guessed it, this spring IHOP is adding protein to some of its pancakes. And boy, oh boy, are there a number of choices!

The new protein-packed pancakes at IHOP

As part of its new spring menu, IHOP is offering updated options for protein-rich pancakes. According to Chew Boom, you can now have your pancakes made with whey protein, flax, rye, chia, barley, rolled oats, or whole grains for an ultra-filling breakfast experience.

The protein pancakes come in three varieties: Classic buttermilk, lemon ricotta blueberry, and strawberry banana. Just as you would expect, the buttermilk pancakes come topped with butter, the lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes come with a coating of lemony ricotta and blueberries, and the strawberry banana pancakes offer a helping of banana slices and strawberry glaze (via IHOP). Each of these three new pancakes can be made into a combo, with your choice of eggs, sausage or bacon, and hash browns.

IHOP is also offering two new omelettes for a limited time. The Deluxe Three Cheese and Bacon omelette comes stuffed with cheese, bacon, hash browns, and cherry tomatoes. The IHOP Cheeseburger omelette, well, combines a cheeseburger with an omelette. Maybe save that one for a splurge day!