Instagram Is Loving Sunny Anderson's 'Effortless' Charcuterie Board

If there is anyone who can put the "cute" in "charcuterie," it's gotta be a chef named Sunny, right? Sunny Anderson, expert in the kitchen and expert on "The Kitchen," Food Network's talk/cooking show, seems to be on a mission to bring peace, love, and food to the world — both virtually and IRL — and for our money, she's one of the best there is. The chef has been known to make the internet a better place to be; in an interview with People, Anderson explains that, yes, she challenges online bullies, but that it's important to extend empathy for the pain that powers said bullies, too. She also tries to help those with health issues feel less alone by talking openly about her ulcerative colitis diagnosis, and has been known to share her weight loss journey with her followers, too, in an effort to build community around healthy habits.

So, what happens when a bubbly, passionate person like Anderson mixes it up with a bunch of meats and cheeses? A charcuterie board you can hang your hat on, that's what. This week, Anderson posted a picture on Instagram of an easy charcuterie (or, as she calls it in the caption, a "char-new-to-me") board, and — no surprise — her fans went wild. 'Grammers are clamoring to get on board the S.S. Sunny Anderson once again, as they know that ship is always headed somewhere special.

Charcuter- gee, that looks delicious

Sunny Anderson's recent Instagram photo of her charcuterie board (or, more accurately, charcuterie paper plate) offers so much for fans to love. Not only does the snack spread look easy ("Effortless," Anderson says, "because I did nothing, but open containers and arrange"), but the chef gives a clever rundown of the items featured by referring to them like numbers on a clock, based on where they sit on her round paper plate. (Or, as she calls it in the caption, "my finest china!") For example, in the 6 o'clock to 7 o'clock position is Calabrese salami, where as the 11 o'clock slot is filled with an hour's worth of "pretzels and salted garlic 'chips.'" In the central position is a tub of dip composed of red pepper hummus and fig jam. But, as Anderson admits, "I made none of this, ok? It's Friday!"

Followers are fans of the chef's approach, commenting things like, "My kind of charcuterie! Thank you for sharing!" Not only do all the items look easy to source — one type of cracker is "from a snack pack I like," according to Anderson — but the paper plate makes for a quick cleanup. Or, as pal and fellow celebrity chef Ree Drummond commented, "Nothing better than this!! And no dirty dishes!" Celebrity chefs: they're just like us.