The Beef Wellington 'Recipe' That Made Gordon Ramsay Cry

If people could have Gordon Ramsay prepare a meal for them, about four in 10 respondents on a Mashed survey would want beef Wellington. If the tables were turned, would Ramsay want others making his beef Wellington for him? Probably zero out of 10 times if it was made like the one that made him weep unhappily.

In June 2021, Ramsay posted his reaction to someone butchering his beef Wellington recipe. Taking to TikTok, he showed his followers a video of someone popping bunging some bread stuffed with meat into the microwave. "I closely followed his beef welly recipe," a robotic voiceover explained. "Turned out great." The beef wellington then gets cut open directly on the counter and a dollop of ketchup splats upon the plate. We then cut to Ramsay letting out a theatrical sob. "Mate you've brought me to tears," he wrote in the description, lest his reaction was too subtle for the Ramsay brand.

This isn't the only time Ramsay has played up reactions to recreation attempts. In October, he shared on Instagram his disbelief that someone would try to make his beef Wellington with cake. In March, he shouted, "Oh come on" as an attempt to make beef wellington with just 7-Eleven ingredients occurred. Earlier that month he watched aghast on TikTok as someone innovated upon his receipt by displaying an inside-out Weef Wellington. "My #wellington has been ruined again," he wrote in the description. "When will you all learn!!!"

How would Gordon Ramsay have done it?

Obviously, Gordon Ramsay has some very strong opinions about beef Wellington. So, how might he do it differently? On MasterClass, he explains that you need to construct the three parts of the beef wellington separately.

For the mushrooms, you need portobello, olive oil, salt, black pepper, and thyme leaves. The crepe exterior requires chives, eggs, milk, flour, thyme flour, and salt. Whisk and refrigerate the ingredients. Cook the mixture into thin crepes. The meat interior consists of a layer of prosciutto and a center of seared beef tenderloin that has been well seasoned with salt and pepper and brushed over with mustard. After carefully assembling those ingredients, it's time to refrigerate, wrap them in a pastry, and bake away.

As you can see, no microwave is used, and ketchup doesn't enter the picture. Many, however, may prefer Ramsay's over-the-top reactions to the deviations from his recipe to the actual recipe itself.