40% Of People Want Gordon Ramsay To Cook Them This Meal

You've watched Gordon Ramsay roast chefs on Hell's Kitchen, throwing plates, tossing food in the trash, and using language you definitely wouldn't use in front of your own mother. You've watched him whip up incredible dishes on MasterChef, teaching the cheftestants how to fillet a salmon or cook the perfect steak. You may have even watched him save failing restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares. Regardless of where you've seen the British chef perform his magic, there's no denying Gordon is full of culinary talent.

If you're a foodie, chances are you'd jump at the chance to eat food prepared by Gordon himself. But if you had the choice of the dish, which would you choose? Mashed polled 504 people in the United States on the one meal they would want Gordon Ramsay to cook for them if they could choose. There was one overwhelming winner — and if you've been a fan of the Food Network for a while, it shouldn't be a surprise which dish won out.

Gordon's beef Wellington was the top choice

Gordon Ramsay is arguably most famous for his beef Wellington, which is the dish that 40.67 percent of survey respondents said was what they would want him to prepare for their meal. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for him to cook it for you — Gordon has shared his go-to beef Wellington recipe on MasterClass. It features a juicy filet mignon covered in thin layers of prosciutto ham, a savory mushroom blend, and pâté, all wrapped and baked in fluffy puff pastry.

How did the other dishes stack up? Rack of lamb came in second place, with 23.02 percent of the votes, followed by a burger, with 18.25 percent. Only 7.94 percent of people would have Gordon make them scrambled eggs, and only 6.55 percent would ask for pork pies. The "other" category, which received 3.57 percent of votes, included write-ins like steak, lobster, and scallops.